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One destination to find everything from exams to study materials. Exams | Courses | QnA | Study Material

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When it comes to studies, we always find ourselves under tremendous pressure. In India education is something which is less about knowledge but more about scoring marks and to score good marks there are a numerous coaching institutes claiming for 100% marks. Often students join different coaching for different subjects in the greed of scoring good marks.
But what are we forgetting in this race of getting higher marks? It’s the importance of knowledge.

To help you understand the concept of coaching classes better, here are some points regarding the positive and negative side of joining a coaching institute for cracking a competitive exam.

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1. The right coaching institute will always guide you in the right direction. The teachers will focus on making the base strong.
Through coaching classes, you will be familiar with the types and varieties of questions. You will be familiar of the exam pattern. As every competitive exam has the different pattern, coachings will help you in studying the right way.
They will guide you through the short cut tricks and less time consuming methods to attempt your exam as fast as you can.
2. You will always have someone to clear your doubts. You can always ask them directly. As most students are school going while preparing for competitive exams, in schools, teachers have hundreds of students to focus on while in coaching classes, as there are a less number of students, you can individual focus on your studies and topics.
As in school, they will only teach you about the subjects and the chapters you can rely on your coaching teachers to guide you towards your career.
In school teachers are always busy enough to not to guide you through the queries about the competitive exams.
Teacher in coaching institutes can guide you with the different aspects of different career options and they will generally have more connection with you than your school teachers.
3. Coaching institutes generally focus on finding new, different and easy techniques to help you study efficiently. While in school, each student has to study in the same manner as the other students do.
Coaching institutes will provide hand on notes with tips and tricks which help you in studies while in school all students have the same NCERT books to study from.
The teachers in coaching institutes can develop a new way of teaching depending upon the grasping power of a student. They can help you grow and learn individually.
4. As competitive exams need more and more time to study, and students are generally preparing for board while preparing for competitive exams too, they need enough time to prepare for every subject and topic. A coaching can help you there.
When you focus on your boards in schools, you can focus on your competitive exam in coaching.


1. Coaching institutes, nowadays, ask for high fees especially for the preparation of competitive exams.
They ask for separate money, for now, notes and assignments. As not every parent can afford the high fees, their student may lack behind in the run for competitive exams.
Coaching institutes are generally always looking for new ways to earn money from their students. They will offer you extra classes and separate notes and assure you of scoring good marks which is just another way of earning money.
2. As competitive exams are not easy to crack, students have to deal with extra pressure and extra homework.
While students have other homework from schools or colleges, it is difficult for them to cope up with the amount of work they have been given.
They feel exhausted and tired throughout the day with regular classes to attempt and amount of homework given.
3. No self-study time is possible. Students are busy in their regular schools or colleges. Coaching classes take away their extra time.
As discussed above, the time to self-study and self-analyze given work is almost absent in everyday life of a student today. They are becoming bookworms with a ton of memorized questions in their mind with only a little amount of knowledge with them.
This is a serious issue of concern. They hardly get to self-study. Self-study is important to let oneself learn the topics and subjects in their own way. Otherwise, no student will ever learn the topics in an absolute manner.

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4. As competitive exams have different subjects and topics like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, reasoning etc, one coaching is not sufficient. Which means the greater the number of subjects, more the number of coachings.
This means more and more amount of money spent and more amount of homework everyday. They get stuck in between the loads amount of work and they have no time for relaxing and refreshing their minds.
But at the end of the day, it all depends on your needs. If you think you need a coaching class for all the reason mentioned above, you can go find a suitable coaching institute that’s best for you.
And if you think self study holds the maximum importance and all the points mentioned above give you enough reasons to not to join a coaching institute then study at home with the right study material and right online websites.
Good luck.

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1 Comment

  1. No! Not every institute do this. Like allen career institute. They provide special attention to brilliant
    Students by providing them free classes Like SRG Group so they can be more advanced.
    They give more knowledge than school and make us learn improving that particular topic by giving questions for practise unlike school teachers who just force us to learn and mug up everything. Now the topic of fees, coaching institutes host many competitive and scholarship exams which can award you discount on fees and cash prize too.
    So, that’s all I wanted to say.