Best Career Options for Students after 12th in Non-Medical Background in India

It is a common dilemma for the students who want to explore their career options after 12th but are not interested in medical courses. Whether they are weak in Maths or they couldn’t clear the entrance exams, whatever the reason be, there are many other ways to make a name for themselves in India.

Here is a list of some of the best careers you can pursue after 12th for students with non medical background.

Business management

One of the best options for students with non-medical background is to pursue a course in business management. There are many careers that they can explore in this sector, which includes customer service, logistics, event management and marketing.


For students who are interested in engineering but couldn’t make it to the medical or science field, pursuing an interview engineering course would be a great option. They can learn about civil engineering, automobile engineering and chemical engineering courses among others.


Studying law is another great career option for those who didn’t make it to the medical or science field after 12th and want to become lawyers one day. They can study law from a Bachelors degree level all the way up to a PhD level and work as legal advisors, solicitors or advocates later on in their career.


Going into media after 12th is another good option for those looking for a career without studying medicine or science. There are many careers available in this sector like advertising, scriptwriting, production designing and more which you can explore after completing your education in this field.


Journalism is yet another great career option if you want to pursue something other than medical or scientific course after 12th but don’t want to go into media either. You can study journalism with any major right after your school education completes and start your journalistic journey as a reporter.

Fashion Designing

The fashion industry is one of the most lucrative business ventures in India. It is also a growing industry, which means there are countless opportunities for career growth.

Fashion Journalism

Fashion journalism is a great option for those who are creative and want to work in the media.

There are many fashion magazines that come out every month and cover the latest trends, events, celebrity interviews and more. If you have an interest in the fashion industry, this could be a great job for you!

Interior Design

If you like designing and making things beautiful then interior design is the best career option for you. If you are good in sketching and painting, this might be the right choice for you. Interior designers create space plans, lay out furniture, choose colors, and make everything look beautiful. They use their creativity to design spaces that suit their clients’ needs.


Architecture is a great option for those who are not interested in medicine. You will have to study about the various building plans, architectural drawings, and 3D models.

Graphic Designing

This is one of the most popular careers for students who are weak in math but have an interest in designing. Graphic designers design logos, brochures, posters and many other graphic designs. They are often required to make layouts for magazines, catalogs and books.

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After 12th non-medical, it’s important to realise that stereotyped jobs aren’t the only option. An aspirant has a wide range of work possibilities to choose from. It is simple to strive toward achieving your goals. If you’re in 11th or 12th grade, think about what field you want to pursue. Start studying for the entrance tests for the path you want to pursue. Before deciding on a job route, you should consider your level of interest and knowledge.

The danger of picking the wrong job path hangs over everyone’s head, so it’s critical to consider all of the aspects before committing to a certain vocation. With extreme caution, a good career map should be drawn out. Everyone is terrified by the age-old question of how to choose a career. There’s no need to panic if you have to start from scratch. If you decide to call early in your adulthood throughout your school years, you will have an advantage over others, but it does not imply it will be late if you do not. The importance of career planning and picking the correct job path cannot be overstated. Without a question, this appears to be a significant amount of effort, and it is.

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