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Best Preparation Books For BITSAT [2023]

For achieving something you need to set the target but if you think that by setting the aim of your life is the only challenge which you have overcome then you may be wrong as the most challenging part is gathering right information about that particular thing as it will decide your strategy and how you are going to prepare to achieve your aim in your life.
In a student life, a student is concerned about clearing the various competitive examinations to secure a good position and to reserve a seat in a top ranking college after passing 12th especially if you are a science student as engineering has become a most popular course these days, every other science student wants to become an engineer so students for this often give all the competitive examinations but in order to win over this cut-throat competition, you need to choose your strategy and books wisely and cautiously as they are going you to lead you towards or away from your goal depending on your choice.
Therefore, if you are preparing for your BIT-SAT then the most important and challenging thing for you is to gather right books as only then you will be able to start your preparation.
This is a most confusing thing as well as nowadays, with increased competition and media, students get surrounded by so many recommendations as well as books that make them confused about and stuck in between choosing right books that lead to wastage of more time only on selecting the right books.
In this post, we are providing you with the list of prescribed writers that will help you in clearing your exams with the right knowledge and it will also give you strength and confidence that will be required to crack this exam.

  1. NCERT Chemistry Part I and II Class 12th.
  2. Physical Chemistry by P. Raja.
  3. Inorganic Chemistry by O. P. Tandon.
  4. Organic Chemistry by Arihant (Theory & Practice).
  5. NCERT Maths Part 1 and 2 Class 11th and 12th
  6. Objective Mathematics by R. D. Sharma.
  7. BITSAT English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning by Disha Experts
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Still, I will recommend you to complete your NCERTS first as they will clear all your concepts, furthermore, you will also need to practice about more and more with books as mentioned above especially of numerical that will boost your confidence and make you well prepared for your examination. NCERTS play an important role in clearing this exam as most of the questions generally come for NCERTS.
Self-study and self-discipline are the two most important things in one’s life to achieve a goal and with the help of these books, you will enjoy study by your own without relying on others to teach you. So, make these books your friend and study them regularly to clear your exam then start solving sample papers to check your preparation.

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