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One destination to find everything from exams to study materials. Exams | Courses | QnA | Study Material

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National Aptitude Test for Architecture is a national level test for the candidates who wish to apply for Architecture courses in private or government college of India.
National Aptitude Test
Preparation for NATA is quite a struggle. Students are not aware of the tips to prepare for NATA exam. Here are tips on how to prepare for NATA exam efficiently :
1. Though good sketching is essential, the questions are framed on topics like effects of light & shadow, sense of perspective drawing, understanding scale & proportions, memory drawing, composing 3 – Dimensional elements etc. So, developing these skills are equally important.
2. Creativity is a mysterious trait. Many people have tried to define creativity in their own ways but there is no single universally accepted definition.
It is difficult to summarise in a few lines but we can say that creativity is the ability to come up with new, original ideas which are not conventional. In short, a creative person experiences rebirth every day with his or her ideas.
3. Attempt the simple questions first and then go for the complicated ones by remembering the time bound. It is considered to be very crucial because you have to complete the sketching. Planning time and making strategies to crack the exam is essential.
However there is no negative marking scheme in the second paper which has multiple choice questions, the candidates can attempt the answers of the ones which you are not sure about.
4. Know the syllabus properly. Understand it and then proceed with the studies. Following are elements of the syllabus :

  • Visualization of three-dimensional objects
  • Sketching
  • General Knowledge
  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic knowledge of architecture
  • Logical Reasoning

5. Give proper attention to the diet and exercise. It’s not necessary to do exercise or that you will fail if you want but if you want to focus better on your studies and want to be fit and fine, then it is an important thing to do.
Make your diet carbohydrates rich and take oats time to time.
Don’t forget to do your favourite things like playing football, painting, sketching etc.
Give 30 minutes to exercise every day and you will be refreshed throughout the day.
6. NATA candidates should make it a point to update their knowledge. They should read books, newspapers, magazines and journals regularly. You can also look up interesting websites for expanding your knowledge in drawing and the architecture of different buildings. Also, you can talk to architectural students and architects who are experienced.
7. Do not start preparing any new topic a month before the commencement of NATA. Keep the last month for revision and revise each topic thoroughly. It is sensible to keep yourself updated with the architectural awareness and should learn about the national and international architectures of prominence.
Be creative and imaginative in your thoughts. Divide your time smartly among each topic and prepare accordingly.
Practice sample test papers daily to get acquainted with the exam pattern and structure of the question paper. Through categorizing the paper, you can understand the paper in a better way and attempt the questions by keeping in mind that solving question paper with determination and passion will lead you a long way.

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

Books to consider :

  • NATA & B.Arch Question Bank by Ar. Shadan Usmani
  • NATA & B.Arch complete self-study material: entrance examination by  Ar. Shadan Usmani
  • A Complete Self Study Guide for B.Arch by P. K. Mishra
  • B.Arch Entrance Examination Guide by Surendra Kavimandan.

Exam Pattern

SubjectDistribution of MarksTotal Mark
Mathematics(20 Qs) – Part A20 x 240
General Aptitude (40 Qs) – Part A40 x 280
Drawing (2 Qs) – Part B2 x 4080

Mathematics & General Aptitude Test:

  • Only one option will be correct
  • Every correct response will yield 2 (two) marks
  • There is no negative marking, but the wrong answer will be penalized in case of tie breaking.
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Drawing Test:

Given below are the aspects on which this is judged:

  • Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner.
  • Visualising and drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on surroundings.
  • The sense of perspective drawing.
  • Combining and composing given three-dimensional elements to form a building or structural form.
  • Creating interesting two-dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms.
  • Creating visual harmony using colours in given composition.
  • Understanding of scale and proportions.
  • Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences.

Always remember to put your full focus and determination towards the studies and you will surely get to the point you always wanted to.
Good luck.

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