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JEE Advance AAT exam preparation, study time table, books

JEE Advance AAT is the exam conducted for the purpose of admission in B.Arch courses available at IIT Kharagpur and IIT Roorkee.

JEE Advance AAT

The AAT is based mostly on simple IQ questions and basic questions related to a famous monument or architect.

Eligibility :

  • Only the applicants who successfully qualified JEE Advanced can appear for AAT to get admission to B.Arch. courses.
  • Only the students who opted for B.Arch program at either IIT Roorkee or IIT Kharagpur as their preference while filling the online form can sit for AAT.
  • Only the students who registered for AAT can take the test.

Syllabus :

The syllabus for the Architecture Aptitude Test will check the Freehand drawing, Geometrical drawing, Three‐dimensional perception, Imagination and aesthetic sensitivity and Architectural awareness of the candidate appearing in the examination. To prepare for the Aptitude Test, candidates must be aware of the topics that will be included in the examination. The syllabus of the AAT 2018 is given below. Candidates should note down it.

Freehand drawing: This would include simple drawing depicting the total object in its right form and proportion, surface texture, relative location and details of its component parts in appropriate scale.  Common domestic or day‐to‐day life usable objects like furniture, equipment, etc., from memory.

Three‐dimensional perception: Understanding and appreciation of three‐dimensional forms with building elements, colour, volume, and orientation. Visualization through structuring objects in memory.

Pattern :

Question paper contains 16 questions.Starting 4 questions were based on general knowledge regarding famous monuments, their Architects ,their location and the shape of the monument along with some basic common questions like trafiic signal ,road safety etc.

Another 12 questions by equally divided into 4 sections.

a)Geometric Drawing: here you would have to compose some particular shape into a meaningful visual aspect.

b)Three-dimensional aspect: Here you just have to use your common sense and imagine a particular given question from the direction they want you to see it.

c)Freehand drawing: it is just based on how good is your hand at paper and pen it just focuses on your drawing quality.

d) Imagination and Aesthetic Sensitivity: It is how you can compose a simple thing in an innovative way.

Material required

You can check the site for requisite
But you need to only take geometry box, pencil colour/oil pastels, pencil,
Pens, eraser and general stuff.


When it comes to the preparations, pay your attention to the pattern mentioned above and try preparing the same way.

Like every other exam, the practice has it all. Practice and practice all the time. Make small notes of the things you want to remember for later. Make sure to make notes in your own language so that you would remember them longer.

Draw everything you can. Browse sketches online and try attempting them.

Search previous year question papers and solve most of them. Take the mock test and prepare for the exam perfectly.

Pay attention to your diet and exercise. Take carbohydrate-rich diet and have oats from time to time. Avoid caffeine. Give 30 minutes to exercise in the morning. It will refresh you.

Don’t forget to do your favourite things. Read books, play football, sketch and draw and everything that excites you. It will help you keep your mind straight and healthy.

Think positive and don’t give up. Try and try because failure means you are trying and if you are trying, it’s enough. Give your best always.

Don’t forget :

  • The candidates must carry their own drawing and sketching aids for the exam as these things will not be provided by the authorities.
  • The students must carry their IIT JEE Advanced Admit Card for the exam as no separate Admit card is issued to the students appearing for AAT.
  • The students who secure cut-off marks and above are declared passed but the seat allocation is done only on the basis of JEE Advanced ranks.


  1. Arihant Publications  book – A Complete Self Study Guide for B.Arch 2015 Entrance Examination (English) by P.K Mishra,
  2. NATA/JEE B.Arch. Study Material Kit Paperback
  3. Keys to Drawing- Strategies and Exercises for Gaining Confidence and Enhancing Your Creativity by Dodson

Prepare well and give you best. All the best.

Stay focused!

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