Is Engineering in India a Right Career Option in 2024?

In India, the choices of Engineering and Medicine are often not merely career decisions but also status symbols. Many believe that being an Engineer or a Doctor automatically commands respect from society. This mindset has become a significant social norm, where the pressure to pursue these paths is immense, regardless of an individual’s personal aspirations.

Unfortunately, certain creative and non-traditional career choices like modeling, acting, or dancing are stigmatized. This reality persists in spite of the 21st-century advancements, highlighting the persistence of outdated thinking.

It’s crucial to recognize that imposing career choices on others can lead to disastrous consequences. Such actions often stem from a sense of superiority, where one’s own desires and beliefs take precedence over an individual’s genuine aspirations. Engineering, in many cases, becomes a default choice or a consequence of not knowing what to pursue after high school.

However, this approach can have a detrimental impact on one’s life. To dispel the myths surrounding high-demand Engineering careers, let’s explore why Engineering might not be the right career option in 2024:

Engineering Career

1. Overcrowding in Engineering

The foremost reason to reconsider Engineering as a career choice is the overcrowded nature of the field. A staggering 80% to 85% of Science students in India opt for Engineering, often due to a lack of awareness about alternative career options.

It’s essential to understand that Engineering is not the sole viable path after completing a Science education. As someone who transitioned from Science to Mass Communication myself, I can attest to the diverse and exciting career avenues available. Pursuing these alternatives does not tarnish one’s reputation or family standing in any way.

2. Limited Career Prospects in Engineering

Engineering, despite its widespread popularity, often leads to a dearth of meaningful career opportunities. Several factors contribute to this issue:

  • Job Quality: Many colleges across the country, while heavily focusing on engineering education, predominantly offer low-profile jobs. Some well-known institutions even direct graduates towards call center or BPO roles, which may not align with their educational aspirations.
  • Intensifying Competition: With a growing number of students pursuing engineering, competition for admission to prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs has become increasingly fierce. Securing admission to these institutions has become a daunting task.
  • Financial Implications: Several engineering colleges charge substantial fees but fail to provide promising income prospects or diverse job options. Engineering programs require significant dedication and hard work, demanding a substantial portion of students’ daily schedules. However, the returns on investment may not always be commensurate, making engineering a less attractive career choice for many.

It’s essential for students and aspiring engineers to consider these aspects while making career decisions.

3. Engineering Colleges: Beyond Bookworms

Many engineering colleges place a heavy emphasis on achieving high marks and securing lucrative job interviews post-graduation. While this might seem like an attractive proposition, it falls short in several ways.

Here’s the issue:

  • Limited Understanding: When individuals choose a career, they are expected to gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of every facet of that field. It’s not just about scoring well on exams.
  • Skills Deficit: Graduates often lack essential practical skills and exposure. Despite their high academic marks, they may find themselves ill-equipped to thrive in real-world situations.
  • Engineering’s True Essence: Engineering is about innovation, discovery, and continually creating new technologies and devices. However, graduates from some engineering colleges may excel in exams but struggle to make genuine discoveries or contribute new theories. Their focus has been primarily on scoring well and memorizing paragraphs.

It’s imperative to consider a holistic education that equips students with practical skills and fosters a deep understanding of their chosen field, rather than solely chasing high marks.

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4. The Ultimate Challenge – Battling Depression or Anxiety

When students find themselves under tremendous pressure, drowning in a sea of studies and workshops they never wished for, stress becomes a constant companion. This stress, accumulating day by day, can lead to irritation and, over time, plunge them into the depths of depression or anxiety.

It’s important to understand that depression is not merely a momentary loss of mind; it’s a severe illness. When a person’s mind is clouded, and they lose interest and joy in life, it can feel as if life has lost its purpose. Depression often requires years of treatment and guidance to find the path back to light. It can impact not only someone’s life but also their most formative years.

While there can be countless reasons to avoid pursuing a particular career, the ultimate decision rests with you and your aspirations. When selecting a career, remember that no path is inherently superior or inferior, famous or obscure, in terms of fame or financial gain.

Every career, if pursued with genuine interest, offers boundless opportunities. Dedication, passion, and a wholehearted commitment to what truly makes you happy can lead to remarkable success. Whether it’s painting, singing, dancing, makeup, acting, modeling, or any other pursuit, your dedication and unwavering focus can open doors to financial prosperity and personal fulfillment.

In the end, choose a path that brings you joy and satisfaction, so that every day feels like a step towards your passion rather than a Monday morning struggle. Best of luck on your journey.

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