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Is Engineering in India a Right Career Option in 2023?

In India, Engineering and Medical are not career option or study related decisions anymore; they are status symbols.

People tend to think that if you are an Engineer or a Doctor, you are more likely to receive respect from society, as a result, this type of thinking has become significant social symbol; everyone wants everyone to be an Engineer or a Doctor irrespective of what that person wants to become.
Careers like modeling, acting, dancing, etc. are seen as shameful. This is the actual and harsh reality of today’s society. Though we live in the 21st century, people are not willing to leave behind the myths and wrong types of thinking.
Forcing a career option for your child or relative may turn out to be the most drastic decision you ever made. If you push your choices, beliefs and thinking on others, reflect your superiority complex. You want others to do what you want them to do rather than what they want to do themselves. Engineering is one of those forceful decisions or the result of ‘I don’t know know what to do after high school.’
But this has a significant impact on your life, and many a times, in a wrong way. To clear your mind of the ideas of high-rated-Engineering-career, here are few reasons why Engineering is not a Right Career Option in 2023:

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1. Too Many Students

The first and foremost reason is being too many students in the stream. Almost 80% to 85% students of Science join Engineering in different colleges.
This is due to the lack of awareness of the list of courses you can pursue after completing science and NO; Engineering is not the only reasonable option after pursuing science.
As being a mass communication student myself after pursuing science in high school, I can tell you there are some different and exciting careers you can choose from, and NO they will not defame you or your family reputation in any way.

2. Less Number of Opportunities

As many colleges are in the different part of the country focusing only on Engineering may sound good, but these offer a lot of low profile jobs. Many renowned colleges or institutions provide call center or BPO jobs after Engineering which makes no sense.
As there is some increase in the number of student in Engineering every year, there are less and fewer chances of cracking exams like IITs and NITs, due to the increased competition.
Many other colleges take a handsome amount of fee and in return gives only a handful amount of income or job options. Engineering requires a lot of hard work, and it takes almost more than half of your day every day but ends up giving absolutely nothing in return which is the main reason why one must not choose Engineering as a career option.

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3. Engineering Colleges Make you a Bookworm

Many Engineering colleges focus on scoring high marks and cracking a million-dollar interview after graduation which may sound like a golden deal, but in fact, it is not.
When a person chooses a career, he is supposed to learn and understand every aspect of that field rather than knowing how to score good marks.
After graduation when students are put to go through the exposure and practical experiences, they lack in the term of skills no matter how much marks he has scored in graduation.
Engineering is about making discoveries and finding out different and new gadgets now and then, but when one graduate from an Engineering college, he may be a topper of the college, but never would never make a discovery or even give new theories because all he had learned is scoring good marks and ranting paragraphs.

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4. The Ultimate Problem – Depression or Anxiety

When students go through a tremendous pressure of loads of studies and workshops, especially when they never wished to do the same, they start feeling stressful throughout the day. The stress and tension they go through every day make them irritated, and slowly they start sinking into depression or anxiety problems.
Though depression may seem ordinary or just a loss of mind, it’s a severe illness. When one’s mind is distracted, and the person may not feel interested or happy in anything, his life seems to look meaningless and meaningless life is of no good.
Depression takes years of treatment and a right person to guide their kind to light which can even destroy someone’s life or the most crucial years of experience.
There could be a million reasons not to choose any career, but ultimately it comes down to you, what you want to do. While selecting a job remember that no career is big or small or has a lot of fame or the minimum amount of fame or money etc. Every career you choose, if you are interested in it, the sky is the limit.
You can reach the ultimate heights of any field if you want to do it from the heart. If you are entirely dedicated and are happy to do it, you will do it. Anything that makes you happy – painting, singing, dancing, makeup, acting, modeling, etc., all you need to do is dedicate yourself towards it with full focus and utmost dedication; you will succeed.
Every career gives you a load of money and fame if you want it truly. So dedicate yourself towards the thing that makes you happy, so that you won’t have to force yourself to go to work on Mondays. You will be truly happy and satisfied after that.
All the best.

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