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Which Stream to Choose After Class 10th

10th class is an important aspect of every student’s life. Your future will be based on the choices you make after 10th.
Life has been smooth and easy for most students till now but what bothers them as the end of 10th class boards come near is – Which stream to choose next?
Science, medical, commerce and arts are the 4 streams in which class 11th and 12th will be based on and so do your future.
In this difficult phase, here are few tips which you can use in your life to decide which stream you want to take further :

1. Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Class 10th
Let’s face it, we all have that one subject we hate. One subject, no matter how hard we try, we just couldn’t understand it. If you have weak points in Physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology then science and medical is definitely not a choice for you.
If you have interest in these subjects you can think of choosing them in the following class but remember this the Physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology you studied in class 9th and 10th would be completely different from the physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology you will study in class 11th and 12th.
Class 11th and 12th completely focus on more practical and real-life experiences. The gravitation chapter you studied in class 9th and 10th in physics would be just a line or two in the chapter gravitation of class 11th.
You will learn many different things and it would be difficult to cope up with. Till 10th we have never really been under pressure of studies but 11th and 12th are something which requires the most concentration and dedication. If you go on thinking Science as easy subjects, frankly, you will never get through it.
They are not easy subjects, they are the most real life-based experiences subjects.
Many times you will think why that apple fell on Newton’s head but you cannot change the past. So you have to study those aspects of life which you have seen in your everyday life but never really cared to focus on.

2. Educational Counseling

Class 10th
Okay, so the above things hardly helped maybe because practical sessions are always better than theory classes right?
Then take educational counselling. There are a lot of people who are willing to help students to make them understand which aspects of life they must focus on in future. Then you can choose your stream accordingly.
No experience of commerce stream you had in life till now. So definitely you have to go ask the commerce students of the reasons they chose the stream.
Ask as many as people you can and try to understand their reasons. Listen to them and tell them about your dreams or future plans, if any. If you don’t know what are you interested in taking as your future plans, don’t worry.
When you take educational counselling, they will help you understand the reason you must choose the stream ahead. They will make you realise your weak points and your strengths and you can choose the stream which is the best for you and your future.

3. Passion or Dream?

Admit it, we all have something we love to do like sketching, exploring etc.
You have always loved to know what goes inside a machine and a screwdriver is all that you need to explore things, then you are meant to the Science stream – Non-medical which leads you towards Engineering.
You have loved studying about the organisms and how the things are born and created in this world, and what goes on behind the human eyes, if you are fascinated about the decaying of things, if you are interested in knowing how many cells are a bird and a human made of, then biology is the correct you can choose which leads you to the medical line.
Understand that Engineering and medical is not all about B. Tech and MBBS. There are a wide variety of subjects and career options you can choose in engineering and medical.
If you have plans to be a CA or CS, you can choose commerce subjects. If you are interested in understanding the aspects of a business and really want to know how a business works and expands, then you can plan to choose commerce ahead.
Or if you have loved studying about the history of India and people, if you love exploring the details about the world and life that people or our ancestors have lived, you can choose arts.
You will learn many different things in these 4 streams ahead apart from the things mentioned above.
Always check the career options and scope of the field you are interested in taking in your future. Explore as much as you can and take advice from others.
There are really many ways in which you choose the things you want to do in future. All comes down to exploring things and understand your plans and interest.
Explore and ask. And don’t choose the stream for your parents or friends. Ultimately it’s not them who have to live that life, it’s you.
Understand everything and do what you have always loved.
Good luck.

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