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[Guide] How to Prepare for JEE Advance in 2022 and Achieve a Good Rank

With the increased demand for engineers all over the world, engineering has become one of the most popular courses among science students.

Getting admission in one of the leading institutes of engineering, none other than IIT is a dream of every student who aspires to become an engineer.

How to Prepare For JEE Advance IIT

More than 10 lakhs of students give this examination every year and with increasing competition, its difficulty level has also been raised but however, with proper guidance and a lot of hard and smart work, cracking IIT will become a cakewalk.

In this post, we are providing you with the right steps that will make you prepare for JEE Advance 2022 and achieve a good rank.

1. Set The Target and Stick to it.

This is the first and foremost thing to do.

  • Make your mind clear and believe in yourself that you are going to crack IIT this year, do not harbour any doubts.
  • You can also practice this by imagining yourself getting admitted to IIT and beginning your first day of college.
  • Believe me; this actually works not only in boosting your confidence but also keeping your hope alive.
  • As per the law of attraction, “if you truly want something, the whole universe conspires to bring you that thing”.
  • So, always try to focus on positive thoughts and stick to your aim.

2. Getting Started With a Proper Time Table

A target can only be achieved with the proper planning and certain compromises. Planning means to allot proper timings to each subject and compromises means to follow this time table in a disciplined way this means that no other hobby or activity during that time. An effective time table has the following traits:-

  • A fixed wake up time every day so that your body remains adaptive to it.
  • Allotting time to a particular subject with regular breaks of one hour.
  • It should not make you skip your meal.
  • It should do justice with every subject.

3. Basic Knowledge

Before heading towards advanced books of prescribed writers, make sure to complete your NCERTS firsts because these are the building blocks of your knowledge of a particular subject.

  • You must pay attention more towards those topics that are having more weightage.
  • Make a separate notebook for each subject.
  • Make notes in your own language.

4. Advancement of the Knowledge

After solving NCERT, now you need to take a step forward towards strengthening your concepts by solving more questions from standard books, here is the list of prescribed standard books that can help you:

For Physics:

 Concepts of Physics (Part I)
 Concepts of Physics (Part II)
 IIT JEE Physics
 Problems in General Physics
 Physics for IIT-JEE
 Problems in Physics
 S.S. Krotov

For Chemistry:

 Organic Chemistry
 Organic Chemistry
 Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations
 Numerical Chemistry
 Concise Inorganic Chemistry

For Mathematics:

 Differential Calculus
 Class XI & XII Mathematics
 Objective Mathematics for JEE
 Trigonometry, Geometry Books
 Problems in Calculus of One Variable
 Higher Algebra
 Hall and Knight

5. Test Your Knowledge

Now it’s time for you to become aware of your exam pattern and timings so that your brain will get ready to solve questions in the fastest and shortest possible ways. For this, you should follow the points given below:-

  • Solve previous year papers.
  • Take online tests regularly.
  • Set the alarm clock as per the timing of your exam
  • Assess your performance according to it and pay more attention to the weaker sections.

6. Take Proper Guidance

You always need an experienced and skilled person in every situation to correct you for your wrong step. In this also for a proper explanation of a particular topic and for solving your queries, you need someone expert in this field. That expert can be your school teacher, father or anyone who is updated with current knowledge.

7. A Regular Revision

Along with your ongoing practice, you also need to revise your notes regularly and should keep your focus more on weaker sections.

8. Before the Examination

This is the most important time as the way you utilize this time before giving your exam will decide your performance in your examination. Let’s have a glance at some important points:-

  • Laminate your admit card and make a transparent kit consisting of all essentials.
  • Reach the centre before one hour.
  • Do not solve any numerical on the day of your examination.
  • Attempt only those questions in which you are fully confident to avoid negative marking.
  • Take a good sleep of 8 hours before the exam.

9. Do Not Lose Hope

Just like the first point, do not lose hope.in case u got stuck in the middle of your exam do not panic, take a long breathe and start attempting the section of your subject in which you have your command.


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