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How to Score 100 Marks in Physics in 12th Class

Physics is the subject of logic. Implying your daily basis knowledge and skills to your subject will increase your understanding of power.
Many students find physics difficult because they prefer cramping rather than understanding the logic.
How to Score 100 Marks in Physics in 12th Class

So here are the few tips which might help you understand the right way to study physics to score 100 marks in class 12th.

1. Understand the syllabus

Every time, this is the first and foremost thing because without understanding the syllabus, one cannot hope to proceed further.
Understanding the syllabus basically includes the syllabus, chapters, exam pattern etc.
Starting with the syllabus, the most important thing is to complete your syllabus in such a way that there won’t be a single topic that you don’t know about.
For this, starts with the very basic. 11th class physics provides this base. If you have passed 11th just to move on to 12th, you might be moving towards the wrong path.
11th class physics provide the details and daily basis experiences which are useful to understand class 12th syllabus. If by chance, you are unaware of the 11th class syllabus, try reading the summary or points-to-remember given at the last of each chapter. Give a look at every topic in the chapter, if on reading the heading you find yourself unaware of the concept, go ask your teacher. After giving about a month to the 11th class syllabus, you can proceed further.
Now, don’t go looking for important topics or important questions. This may help you in scoring good marks but it won’t be sufficient to reach a perfect score.
Start with the first chapter to understand the following chapter. Go one by one on the topics given in the book and understand them. To understand them better you can relate them to your real life. As physics is everything going around you, one can easily think of live examples. This will help you in understanding the topic and memorising it faster and will even help you to remember it longer.

2. Make notes

Whatever you study, make notes. Write them in your own language and make them as short as possible. Try writing them exactly on point without talking about side things.
Writing on your own will help you learn and remember it for longer.
Make separate notebooks for formulas. Take a small and thin notebook and write formulas on your own. Don’t get them photostat or copied. Revise these formulas every day before starting studying.

3. Proper time management

Make a proper study timetable. Some of you may think, it’s a childish thing to do. But without a proper plan, you cannot think of scoring 100 marks.
Proper time management needs a well-prepared timetable. Including every subject, every day is not possible. So give equal time to every subject. You can give more time to the concepts or topics you find difficult.
Add a break time of 15 to 20 minutes after 2 or 3 hours of study. In this break time, you can do anything that you like which will make you feel refreshed.
Ignore distractions. Don’t use the mobile phone in this break time. It will make your eyes tired. Go for a walk or listen to a light music or do something that excites you. Paint or sketch something, play with your pet etc.

4. Cover your doubts

Always cover your doubts or missing questions side by side. Don’t ignore anything. If you find a topic easy, do give it a read and make points. Giving 10 minutes to that easy topic will help you to remember it for later.
Go to a teacher or any elder for your doubts. You can also take the help of a guidebook but focus on your NCERT books. Don’t pay much attention to the reference or guidebooks.
You may use the guidebooks to solve question paper or sample papers or to clear your doubts. But don’t from it unless you have your NCERT book fully covered.
Solve previous year question papers and take online mock tests. It will help you to know how much you are ready for your exam.
Learn from your mistakes, don’t ignore them. Try to correct and l practice your mistake a few times so that you won’t repeat it.
Practice and practice as much as you can. Practice makes a man perfect and indeed it’s true. Practice diagrams and don’t forget to label them.
Keep revising every day what you learnt yesterday.

5. Proper diet

Diet may be listed as the last point in this blog, but it is important. Your diet will ensure your proper health.
Always take a diet rich of carbohydrates and take oats in between the day 1 or 2 times.
Exercise every morning 20 to 30 minutes. It will make your body fit and your mind active. It will help you focus better on your studies.
Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.
Try all these points in your daily life.
Hard work is definitely required to achieve great things in life. Do as much hard work as possible and stay away from distraction like social media.
You 100 marks are waiting for you.
Good luck.

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