What is the Salary of Black Cat Commando in 2023

Black Cat Commando Salary: The National Security Guard (NSG) is renowned as an exceptionally talented force when it comes to times of danger in any region in India. They specialize in counter-terrorism operations and have the capacity to respond to extreme scenarios. They are highly experienced in dealing with difficult circumstances to guarantee the protection of the country.

The NSG Commandos, a counter-terrorism force, are deployed when the nation is threatened by invasion. Their instruction is not only limited to hijacking, in the air or on the sea. They are taught to disable bombs, investigate after an explosion, and perform hostage rescue operations.

Over time, the duties of the NSG commandos had shifted to include providing protection to VIPs such as politicians and celebrities. However, since the start of 2020, the NSG has ceased to provide VIP security, in order to focus on their original duties.

Roles of Different Groups in NSG

The various groups that belong to NSG, as mentioned in the introduction, will be discussed in the following section.

Special Action Group

The NSG’s primary offensive force is the Special Action Group, which consists of Indian Army personnel only. These commandos are tasked with counter-terrorism and counter-hijacking operations, among others.

Special Ranger Group

This group of commandos is in charge of guarding VIPs. The personnel for this unit are sourced from the Indian Army and State Police Force.

Special Composite Group

It has been designated to these organizations to execute anti-terrorism operations in the five cities of Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Gandhinagar.

National Bomb Data Centre

In 1988, the National Bomb Data Centre was established and its mission was outlined in 2000. As the name implies, its personnel are responsible for keeping track of and analyzing all bombing incidents in the nation. All the members of this group are from either the military or the Indian army.

What is the Skill-Sets Required for an NSG?

Black Cat Commando

National Security Guards, commonly referred to as Black Cat Commandos, share many similarities to cats. They have to be nimble and stealthy, allowing their actions to do the talking.

In order to be an NSG commando, one must possess the following ten skills.

  1. Agility
  2. Disciplined
  3. Devotion to serving the country
  4. Pursuit for excellence
  5. Stealth
  6. Leadership skills
  7. Vigilant
  8. Strong reflexes
  9. Never say never attitude

Eligibility to Become an NSG

In order to be eligible to join the NSG, it is essential to be associated with military groups such as the Central Police Armed Force and the Indian Army.

In order to make the selection process easier, we can break it down into three distinct steps.

  1. Pre-selection Training
  2. Qualification Training
  3. Final Advanced Training

A comprehensive overview of the entire selection process is given below.

Pre-selection Training

Pre-selection training involves the process of selecting the most suitable applicants for subsequent stages.

The following is a list of requirements for Pre-selection training.

  • A three-year background in the Indian army is required for a candidate, while five years is needed for someone from the police force.
  • Candidates should not be older than 35 years of age.
  • The individual applying should meet the established physical and health criteria.
  • During the screening process, various physical and medical evaluations are conducted.

Qualification Training

It is required to undergo basic training for three months, followed by more in-depth training for nine months.

Below are the requirements for qualification training.

  • Engaging in strenuous activities such as battling in extreme environments and leaping from high places is done to guarantee that they can handle pressure.
  • Making a choice gets difficult in this area, and the percentage of people who leave the program is around 70-80%.

Final Advanced Training

The last stage of advanced instruction lasts nine months and includes rigorous activities.

These are the last requirements for advanced training.

  • Applicants engage in activities such as observation, disarming explosives, hand-to-hand combat, reaction drills, etc.
  • Those who successfully complete both the introductory and advanced courses are chosen to join NSG and given further instruction.
  • The Manesar, Haryana-based National Security Guard training center houses both the advanced and basic training courses.

Divisions of Black Cat Commandos

NSGs are the cream of the crop when it comes to military units and their personnel. Any individual who is able to become part of this prestigious group is sure to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. This is why they are sometimes referred to as the ‘Phantom Force’, as they live up to the name. The NSG is made up of several different groups, each with its own specific tasks and duties.

  • 51 And 52 Special Action Group

The cabinet secretariat established the 51 Special Action Group (SAG) as part of the Indian National Security Guards (NSG) according to the National Security Guard Act of 1986. This unit consists of 54% of the NSG and is made up of personnel from the Indian Army. The 51 SAG is used for counter-terrorism operations, and the 52 SAG is in place for counter-hijack operations.

  • Special Ranger Group

Divisions 11, 12, and 13 are all part of the Special Ranger Group (SRG). Along with 51 SAG, 11 SRG is a part of the Counter Terrorist Force (CTF) and is only used for anti-terrorism operations. The SRG consists of personnel from both internal security forces, like the CRPF, CISF, and Assam Rifles, as well as border guarding units, such as the BSF, ITBP, and SSB. Recently, the Government of India decided to focus the SRGs, like SAG and 11 SRG, solely on the purpose of the NSG and take them away from protection tasks.

  • Special Composite Group

The Special Composite Group (SCG) of the National Security Guard has created five regional sites for deployment. The SCG is composed of members from the Army and Central Armed Police Forces and each site is headed by a colonel-level officer from the Indian Army. The five bases are located in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Gandhinagar, and are used to carry out counterterrorism operations.

  • Electronic Support Group

A Group Commander-level officer is appointed to oversee the Electronic Support Group (ESG), which provides technical and communication assistance.

  • National Bomb Data Centre

In 1988, the National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC) was established and in 2000 it underwent a major restructuring. This agency is now responsible for monitoring, recording, and analyzing all bomb incidents in the country as well as conducting explosives engineering research and development. NBDC is now the point of contact for all matters concerning bombings in the nation and is led by a Commandant from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

Black Cat Commando Salary 2022

On average, an NSG commando earns 10 Lakhs every year, and their monthly salary ranges from 80,000-3,00,000. The amount of money they make could vary depending on the rank of the police officer or soldier.

The salary of an NSG commando is equal to that of any other soldier in the Indian army; however, their exceptional training and credentials result in additional allowances and pay.

RankNSG Commando (Black cat commando) Salary
Director GeneralINR 2,00,000-3,00,000
Additional Director GeneralINR 1,50,000-2,00,000
Inspector GeneralINR 1,35,000-1,50,000
Deputy InspectorINR 1,25,000-1,35,000
Group CommanderINR 1,00,000-1,25,000
Squadron CommanderINR 90,000-1,00,000
Team CommanderINR 80,000-90,000
Assistant Commander Grade IINR 70,000-80,000
Assistant Commander Grade IIINR 65,000-70,000
Assistant Commander Grade IIIINR 60,000- 65,000
Ranger Grade IINR 55,000-60,000
Ranger Grade IIINR 50,000-55,000
Combatised TradesmanINR 30,000-40,000

The allowances provided to NSG Commando employees following the 7th pay commission are:

  • Monthly allowances of 25,000-30,000 INR for special forces.
  • A monthly allowance of INR 10,000 for deputation.

Black Cat Commando Salary FAQs

How can I join Black Cat Commando?

There is no straightforward route to becoming part of the National Security Guard (NSG). This organisation is divided into two sections: the Special Action Group (SAG) and the Special Ranger Group (SRG). In order to be considered for the SAG, one must enlist in the Indian Army, while those interested in being part of the SRG must join a paramilitary force.

What is the salary of the CRPF?

The salary of a CRPF Inspector in India is typically around 10.8 LPA for individuals with 10 to 21 years of experience. Compensations for Inspectors range from 8 to 13.5 lakhs annually, and these estimations are based on the salaries of 65 CRPF personnel.

What is the salary of the Navy?

The typical yearly salary for those employed in the Indian Navy is INR 9.6 lakhs, according to information obtained from 3.1k Indian Navy employees.

Which Commando has the highest salary?

An Indian Army Commando who earns the most can receive an annual salary ranging from 4.2 lakhs to 7.6 lakhs, with the highest earners making 5.85 lakhs per year.

Which commando is the best in India?

MARCOS is considered to be the finest special forces unit in India.

What is the salary of a Black Cat Commando per month?

The salary of an NSG commando on an annual basis amounts to INR 10 Lakh. The range of income for each NSG commando in India is between INR 80,000 and INR 3,00,000.

What is the work of Black Cat Commando?

The Cabinet Secretariat set up the National Security Guards (NSG Commando), known colloquially as the Black Cat Commandos or Black Commandos, in 1986 with the National Security Guard Act of the Indian Parliament. This special unit is responsible for counter-terrorism initiatives and is referred to as the National Security Group (NSG).

What is the salary of a Cobra Commando?

The typical annual salary of a Cobra Commando is reported to be around 6.9 lakhs Indian Rupees, according to the salary data of four different Cobra Commando employees.

What is the salary of a commando per month?

The wage of a Para Commando member in the post of Sepoy is Rs. 17,300 each month. Para Commando (Special Forces) personnel are paid from Rs. 3.6 to 4.6 lakhs per month. Additionally, those in the Para Battalion receive an extra Rs. 6000 per month as Para Pay.

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