National Game of India: Is it Hockey or Cricket?

Although it’s a common misconception, no sport is formally recognised as India’s national pastime. This kind of designation encourages physical activity and emphasises how important sports are to the general public. When a nation designates one sport as its national sport, it affects how its citizens engage with and participate in that sport.

There is no official national sport in India, but some sports, like kabaddi and hockey, are frequently wrongly considered to be the nation’s sports. Continue reading to find out more about the significance of India’s national sport.

The official sport of India

A country’s culture and history are represented by a variety of symbols and signs. For instance, India’s national animal is the tiger. In a similar vein, hockey is widely acknowledged as India’s national sport.

India’s hockey players established a winning streak by winning six straight Olympic gold medals for their nation between 1928 and 1956. However, no specific sport is acknowledged by India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports as the nation’s national sport.

What is the reason why India does not have an official national game?

In order to find out if hockey was the national sport of India or not, a teacher in the Indian state of Maharashtra’s Dhule district filed an RTI with the government in 2020. India does not have a specific sport designated as its national sport, the Ministry of Youth Affairs retorted. All sports should receive equal support from the government.

What makes Hockey the National Sport of India?

Since hockey is one of the oldest sports, the Indian Hockey Federation recognised it as India’s national sport in 1925. India competed in its first international hockey tournament against New Zealand, winning 18 of the 21 games that were played.

The hockey team from India gained attention thanks to their victories, which encouraged more people to take up the sport. Hockey was very popular from 1928 to 1956; this time period is referred to as the “golden era” because India won six straight Olympic gold medals during this time. Because of this, hockey is regarded as India’s national sport.

Successes of the Indian Hockey Team at the Olympics

Famous field hockey players from India include Dhyan Chand, Dhanraj Pillai, and Balbir Singh Sr. Let’s look at the Indian hockey team’s accomplishments:

Olympics NameYear of Olympics NameMedal Won
Amsterdam Olympics1928Gold
Los Angeles Olympics1932Gold
Berlin Olympics1936Gold
London Olympics1948Gold
Helsinki Olympics1952Gold
Melbourne Olympics1956Gold
Rome Olympics1960Silver
Tokyo Olympics1964Gold
Mexico City Olympics1968Bronze
Munich Olympics1972Bronze
Montreal Olympics1976Placed 7th
Moscow Olympics1980Gold
Los Angeles Olympics1984Placed 5th
Seoul Olympics1988Placed 5th
Barcelona Olympics1992Placed 6th
Atlanta Olympics1996Placed 8th
Sydney Olympics2000Placed 7th
Athens Olympics2004Placed 7th
Beijing Olympics2008Could Not be Qualified
London Olympics2012Placed 12th
Rio Olympics2016Placed 8th
Tokyo Olympics2021Bronze

India’s Unofficial National Sports

Due to the team’s successes, hockey is regarded as India’s national sport. Additionally, the Indian Kabaddi team has won seven gold medals and has competed well in many international competitions, including the Asian Games and World Cup. As a result, many people believe Kabaddi to be India’s national sport.

Another misconception is that India’s national sport is cricket, but this is untrue. Even though India has excelled in each of these sports, it hasn’t formally proclaimed any of them as its national sport.

Questions Frequently Asked about the National Game of India

What is the national game of India?

Since hockey has enjoyed such success in India, it is generally acknowledged that it serves as the unofficial national sport of that nation. Even so, hockey and Kabaddi are frequently regarded as India’s national sports, despite the country having no official national sport.

What makes Hockey the national game of India?

The Indian hockey team made history by winning six consecutive gold medals at the Olympics from 1928 to 1956. Because of this outstanding achievement, hockey is now regarded as India’s national sport. The Indian hockey team has returned home with eight gold medals overall from the Olympics.

What is the recognized national sport of India: hockey or kabaddi?

Despite popular misconceptions to the contrary, there is no recognised national sport in India, despite the popularity of kabaddi and hockey. In a 2020 RTI request, the Ministry of Youth Affairs confirmed that India does not have a recognised national sport.

Does cricket hold the title of national game in India?

Contrary to popular belief, India’s official national sport is not cricket. The Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Government of India confirmed this fact by stating that there is no official national game in India. However, England’s national sport is cricket.

What other sport is considered to be India’s national game aside from hockey?

In India, kabaddi is a popular sport that is frequently regarded as the national pastime. Many people also regard hockey as the national sport. However, no sport has been formally acknowledged as India’s national sport.

Who is regarded as the originator of Indian hockey?

As the father of Indian hockey, Dhyan Chand, a remarkable hockey player who won three gold medals at the Olympics, is recognised, and his birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day in India.

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