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5 Mistakes JEE Droppers Commit and What You can do to Avoid it

JEE – Joint Entrance Examination is an annual engineering college entrance examination in India. It is conducted by one of the 7 IITs situated in 7 different cities of India. It is divided into 2 sections: JEE Main and JEE Advance.
Anyone wishes to take admission in B. Tech and BE engineering courses have to appear for the exam I and while those who wish to take admission in B. Architecture have to appear in Exam II.
Making mistakes are common, but losing your seat by doing mistakes is something you should really avoid.

So here are the 5 mistakes JEE droppers do and how you should avoid it:

1. Giving up on everything

Many students give up on everything and focus themselves only and only towards studies and by everything I mean, hobbies and diet.
Carrying out your hobbies is really important. You can always take 30 minutes or 1-hour break to go fresh your mind by doing the things you love. Listen to music, play your favourite game etc, do anything that refreshes you.
Diet is really important. Eating healthy and carbohydrate-rich food helps you stay fit and active and you will not feel tired. You can backup your diet with oats from time to time.

2. Too many reference book

Don’t ever do that. Many students study from 4 to 8 textbooks and practice books and get confused with the different pattern and syllabus and their brain feels exhausted.
Rely only on the maximum of 2 and 3 textbooks and practice books. It will make your mind straight and helps you in understanding the pattern better.

3. Not paying attention to online study material

Now, we all know we use the internet to search details and look through study materials but we rarely take time to take online mock tests and assignments.
Be updated to the changes and a new pattern of JEE and look for the right study materials.
This all will help you in knowing what you know and how much you know and also helps you to be familiar with the exam pattern and the types of questions that generally come in exams.

4. Not going through previous year question papers

Many students don’t find it relevant and ignore the importance of question papers.
Find as many question papers from previous years as you can. It will help you in the exam pattern and helps you prepare better. You can always find the most repeated questions and prepare reaped questions and topics effectively.

5. Don’t feel bad or guilty and take advice

While preparing from the previous question papers and online mock tests, if you are unable to score good marks or you are unable to recognize and answer the questions, don’t lose hope.
Practice more and more and learn tricks and tips to crack questions early and easily. You can go to your teachers and JEE exam pass outs to help you with the questions and topics.
Don’t work hard, work smart. Smart work includes the right type of preparation and right study materials. Go ask for help from your elders and don’t feel shy about taking advice. It might help you really good.
Remember, it’s only you who can crack the exam, not any other. Study for yourself and keep your mind and body fit. Don’t ignore the exam pattern and right syllabus and learn tricks to solve questions easily.
Then, no one will stop you from qualifying the exam.
Good luck.

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