Global Warming Essay in English for Students and Children

Global Warming Essay in English: The effects of global warming are becoming more and more apparent with each passing year. The Earth’s average temperature has risen by about 0.8°C since 1880, and the pace of warming has been accelerating. 2016 was the warmest year on record. As the planet warms, we are seeing more extreme weather events, like heat waves, droughts, and floods.

Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and wildlife is being affected. All of this has major consequences for humans as well – including health impacts, economic damages, displacement of people, and even conflict. The good news is that there are things we can do to slow down and even reverse global warming. But time is running out – we need to act now before it’s too late. In this Global Warming essay we will talk about causes, effects of global warming and what we can do to prevent it.

What is Global Warming?

A rise in average global temperatures from the surface of the earth over this century of about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit is now very likely, largely because of emissions of greenhouse gases from human activity, finds the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report, released today.

 The “likely”– meaning one-in-four– probability of this increase derives from the evidence that concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor, and ozone in the atmosphere have risen markedly, trapping more heat and resulting in an extra 1.5-degree Fahrenheit global warming since preindustrial times.

The process that produces this likelihood is known as anthropogenic global warming, or AGW. It occurs when greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane are released into Earth’s atmosphere and trap solar radiation within the planet’s lower atmosphere causing Earth’s

Causes of Global Warming

Climate change is caused by a variety of natural and human factors.

Natural causes of global warming include changes in the sun’s intensity, volcanoes, and changes in the Earth’s orbit. The sun is the main driver of climate change on Earth. Its energy drives the Earth’s climate system and its intensity varies over time. Volcanoes also emit greenhouse gases that can trap heat in the atmosphere and warm the planet. Changes in the Earth’s orbit can alter the amount of sunlight that reaches our planet, which can affect global temperatures.

Human activities are responsible for most of the recent global warming. Burning fossil fuels like coal and oil releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun’s rays inside the atmosphere causing Earth’s average temperature to rise. Deforestation also contributes to global warming by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and reducing the amount of trees available to absorb carbon dioxide.

Effects of Global Warming

The effects of global warming are far-reaching and cumulatively damaging. Climate change threatens global food security, displaces people, and increases the spread of disease. It also damages infrastructure, exacerbates poverty, and contributes to humanitarian crises. The impact of climate change is already being felt by humans and natural systems around the world and the pace of change is accelerating.

Global warming is causing many impacts that are already underway. The Earth’s average temperature has risen by about 1°C since preindustrial times, with most of the warming occurring over the last three decades. This increase may not seem like much, but it has led to an increase in extreme weather events like heatwaves, droughts, floods, and hurricanes. As temperatures continue to rise, these events are expected to become more frequent and more intense.

Climate change is also having a major impact on our environment. Melting ice caps are causing sea levels to rise which threatens coastal communities with flooding and erosion. Changes in precipitation patterns are leading to more extreme drought conditions in some areas while other areas experience increased flooding. These changes put stress on water resources and can lead to shortages or contaminated supplies.

Wildlife is also being impacted by global warming. Changes in temperature and precipitation are resulting in shifts in where plants and animals can live. Many species are struggling to adapt to these changes and some are already at risk of extinction. As ecosystems change, there can be ripple effects throughout the food chain which ultimately

Solutions to Global Warming

  1. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: One of the primary ways to combat global warming is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This can be done through increased use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and by using less energy overall
  2. Planting Trees and other Plants: Trees and other plants help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helps reduce greenhouse gas levels. Planting trees also has the added benefit of reducing air pollution.
  3. Improving Energy Efficiency: Another way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to improve energy efficiency in all areas of life, from transportation to building construction to appliance usage. This not only reduces emissions, but also saves money.
  4. Supporting Sustainable Agriculture: Sustainable agriculture practices can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a number of ways, including improving soil health, reducing deforestation, and using less water and fertilizer.
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Global Warming Essay in English: Conclusion

In conclusion, global warming is a real and serious issue. We need to take action now to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and slow down the process of climate change. Individually, we can do things like recycling and using less energy. But we also need our government to put policies in place that will help reduce emissions on a large scale. Only then will we be able to make a dent in this problem and prevent further damage to our planet.

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