[Updated] List of bowlers to take 10 wickets in a single Test innings

Getting around 10 wickets in a single innings is an impressive victory that is recorded in the history of world cricket. It’s uncommon for a player to accomplish this, but it has happened nearly 83 times by 77 different players, even when cricket rules were less strict and catches weren’t counted as wickets.

Edmund Hinkley was the trailblazer of taking 10 wickets in one inning, though his scores were not official enough to be considered a record. Other players like Tich Freeman have accomplished this feat three times, while Hedley Verity, W.G. Grace, and Jim Laker have done it twice. Additionally, Anil Kumble and Ajaz Patel are well-known for their success at taking 10 wickets in a single inning.

10 wickets

Cricketers Who Took 10 Dismissals in a Single Inning

Ajaz, a native of Mumbai, holds the record for taking 10 wickets in a single innings among bowlers worldwide.

  • Former English cricketer Jim Laker is credited with becoming the first player to record 10 wickets in an innings.
  • Nearly nine Australian players had run totals under double digits when Laker pulled off this amazing achievement.
  • Anil Kumble, a former captain of the Indian cricket team, became the second player in history to capture 10 wickets in a single innings in international play.

The best three bowlers managed to take ten wickets in one innings.

Being accomplished by a small number of cricketers, this amazing feat is not frequently seen. A list of the players with 10 wickets in one innings is provided below:

Cricketers who achieved a ten-wicket haul in a single inningsYear
Anil Kumble1999
Jim Laker1956
Ajaz Patel2021

Jim Laker – 1956

Jim Laker, a former English cricketer, was the first to achieve a remarkable feat. In 1956, against Australia, Laker managed to take 10 wickets in one innings. Nine out of the eleven Australian batsmen were unable to even score a single digit run.

It was the first time in test cricket history that a single bowler took 10 wickets in an innings, so Laker’s bowling performance was exceptional. The record of 10 wickets in an innings has not yet been broken, and his performance earned him the title of “The Greatest Spin Bowler.” Cricket fans all over the world cherish and remember Laker’s contributions.

Anil Kumble – 1999

43 years after Jim Laker achieved the feat of taking 10 wickets in a single innings, Anil Kumble, a past Indian captain, also achieved the same remarkable accomplishment. On February 7, 1999, Kumble recorded all 10 wickets for 74 runs against Pakistan in a match at Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. This record has been his most memorable moment in cricket and one that is celebrated by Indian cricket fans to this day. Kumble’s 10-wicket haul was the first by an Indian bowler in a Test match in India and is an testament to his legendary skill as a bowler.

  • He earned the title while competing against Pakistan at the Feroz Shah Kotla (currently known as Arun Jaitley Stadium).
  • He came back with a score of 10/74, as India needed 212 runs to beat their adversaries.

Ajaz Patel’s

Ajaz Patel of New Zealand became the third player to take all 10 wickets in an innings. The left-arm weaved a web around India’s batting order, allowing 119 runs in 47.5 overs.

The New Zealand team was ecstatic with the performance and the victory. Patel was the sole architect of the victory, and he was awarded the Player of the Match award for his efforts. This is the first time a New Zealander has taken all 10 wickets in an innings of a Test match.

Patel’s feat was also a remarkable one due to the fact that he did not have the support of the other bowlers, as the other bowlers had gone for a combined total of 179 runs in the first innings. The match was a testament to Patel’s skill and perseverance, and it is a performance that will be remembered for a long time to come.

  • On the second day of the second Test at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, New Zealand bowled India for 325 runs.
  • On his ‘homecoming,’ Mumbai-born Patel, whose parents relocated to New Zealand in 1996, had a fantastic run as he clinched all of India’s wickets, creating an unbelievable personal milestone and bringing his team back into the game.
  • Taking 10 wickets in an innings is a fantastic feat, and you should remember the names of the three players who are a part of the club.

These are the 10 bowlers with the most wickets taken in Test Match [Two Innings].

Look at the 10 cricketers who have taken at least 15 wickets in one Test. Of all the players, 7 are from England and 2 are from India. These are recognized as the most successful wicket-takers in a two-innings Test.

These players are recognized as some of the most successful wicket-takers in a two-innings Test, and their feats should be commended. It takes immense skill and determination to achieve such a feat, and they should be applauded for their accomplishments.

The person with the most wickets taken in two innings

The person with the most wickets taken in two innings1st innings2nd innings
Jim Laker (Eng), 19569/3710/53
S Barnes (Eng), 19138/569/103
N Hirwani (Ind), 19888/618/75
B Massie (Aus), 19728/848/53
Muralitharan (SL), 19987/1559/65
J Briggs (Eng), 18897/178/11
G Lohmann (Eng), 18967/388/7
C Blythe (Eng), 19078/597/40
H Verity (Eng), 19347/618/43
R Hadlee (NZ), 19859/526/71

FAQs on 10 Wickets in an Innings

Who was the third cricketer to achieve a 10-wicket haul in a single innings?

In 2021, Ajaz Patel, a New Zealand spinner from Mumbai, stunned the cricket world when he captured all 10 wickets in the second Test match against India. This feat made him only the third bowler in history to achieve this amazing accomplishment in a Test match.

Which team was Ajaz Patel’s ten wickets in an innings taken against?

Ajaz Patel, a member of the New Zealand cricket team, created history when he took 10 wickets in an innings in his hometown of Mumbai, India – becoming the third bowler in Test history to do so.

What nation was Jim Laker a part of?

Jim Laker was a member of the England cricket squad. James Charles Laker (February 9, 1922 – April 23, 1986) was a renowned English cricketer who featured for Surrey County Cricket Club from 1946-1959. During his career, he competed in 46 Test matches for his country.

Who were the bowlers who took 10 wickets in a single innings?

Jim Laker, Anil Kumble, and Ajaz Patel are the three cricketers who have managed to take 10 wickets in a single test match inning. The feat was accomplished in 1956, 1999, and 2021, respectively. Anil Kumble holds the record for the most wickets taken in a single inning test match, achieving 56 wickets in the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Who achieved a 10-wicket haul in a single innings in 1999?

On February 7, 1999, Anil Kumble of the Indian Cricket team made history by claiming 10 wickets in a Test match versus Pakistan. This feat by the Indian leg-spinner has gone down in history.

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