8 Best Online Coursera Machine Learning Courses & Certification of 2023

It is quite difficult for students to find the best way to suit their needs with many Coursera Machine Learning courses. We are often asked by students whether there is a standard course of Coursera Machine Learning that fits every case. YES is the reply. You can participate in the following popular courses. Registering for the right course will make a major difference in your career growth. The best Coursera Machine Learning courses & classes of 2023 have been chosen by hand in this article.

Our focus is on highlighting their respective categories as the best and most popular courses.

You can select the one which best fits your needs depending on your use case.

Let us look at the best Coursera Machine Learning courses available on the market, however.

1. Best Coursera Machine Learning Data Science Course by IBM

Duration: Self-paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

It is a professional data science certification program offered by IBM and is designed to allow people to gain expertise and experience in data science or machine learning. The certification program consists of nine different courses teaching you the latest technology and innovations in data science, including open source tools, Python, SQL, data analysis, methodology , data visualization and machine learning. During all these classes, you will be given an IBM Professional Certification to help you get a job quickly in the field of data science.

Key Highlights:

  • All courses are comprised of various exercises, practical assignments and video tutorials to develop your skills
  • One of the best qualification programs for studying and understanding all data science concepts
  • Created to help you to achieve a career in data science by the best instructors of Coursera and IBM professionals
  • You will also be given a digital badge from IBM after completing the certification program to acknowledge your skills in data science.
  • Use real data science tool and real-world datasets to practice your skills on IBM cloud.

You can Sign up Here

2. Best Coursera Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng

Duration: 55 hours, 5hours/week

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

This is Stanford University’s highest-rated Coursera Machine Learning courses, which will direct you to some of the most efficient techniques of machine learning and how these methods can be used for new problems. The course material offers an extensive overview to machine learning, data mining and recognition of statistical patterns. You should discuss subjects such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning and best practice in machine learning during the course. The professor, Andrew NG, is the founder and CEO of Landing AI – a technology company that relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to implement learning algorithms in the structure of intelligent robots, text, computer vision, audio and other ML areas
  • The highest-rated and most successful online machine learning course
  • Instruct you on any machine learning concepts from the basics to the advanced level
  • Learn about linear regression and logistics regression and the difference between them
  • Develop practical knowledge and apply machine learning methods to problems of real life
  • Be qualified in ML after the course has been completed
  • Get practice, video tutorials and hands-on projects to enhance your skills and test your knowledge

You can Sign up Here

3. Best Coursera Machine Learning Python Course

Duration: Approx. 3 months

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

For any person who wants to develop, build AI or machine learning, Python has become a necessary language. This curriculum of Python specializations provided by the University of Michigan will help you learn everything you need to develop your career in Python. You learn the basic concepts of programming, such as data structures, networked application program interfaces and databases through this training. It also contains a Capstone Project that teaches you how to use technologies to design and build your own data collection, processing and visualization applications. You will obtain a certification of completion from Coursera upon completion of the project.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to program, analyze Python data and develop data collection, cleaning, analysis and visualization programs.
  • Dig into the basics and advanced Python programming language learning
  • Understand the fundamentals of structured query and database design language
  • Get 24/7 support from Coursera ‘s top instructors
  • Access practice assessments, readings & videos, realistic projects to develop your field knowledge
  • A self-paced system that lets you learn without deadlines from your convenience

You can Sign up Here

4. Deep Learning Course by Andrew Ng

Duration: 3 months

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

If you need to get into the AI field, deeplearning.ai’s machine learning specialization is the right option for you. This is one of the best online deep learning programming consisting of 5 distinct courses that will help you learn and understand the fundamental principles of deep learning, build neural networks and lead successful machine learning projects. Both of these courses are taught in Stanford University by top professors and business experts. We ensure that every person who joins this program gets accurate knowledge of profound learning concepts. You can also receive a certification of completion from deeplearning.ai upon completion of the specialisation.

Key Highlights:

  • Case studies of healthcare, sign language reading, and processing of natural languages.
  • Become a successful learner and leader in this course’s deep learning projects.
  • Learn the Convolutional networks, LSTM, Dropout, RNNs, BatchNorm, etc.
  • Practice in Python and TensorFlow your deep learning ideas through practical projects and tutorials.
  • Listen to personal stories and get professional advice from top deep learning leaders.

You can Sign up Here

5. Mathematics for Machine Learning by Imperial College London

Duration: 2 months

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

You will need to clear up your basic mathematical skills as you move into higher-level concepts for machine learning and the Imperial College of London specialization program will help you do that. You can clear up your fundamental concepts of mathematics that are required for machine learning and build an understanding of machine learning and data science with this specialisation programme. It consists of three different courses, each designed to learn various mathematical subjects for ML. This specialization has also been planned by qualified instructors in all the definition of machine learning mathematics and data science of the Imperial College of London.

Key Highlights:

  • Know the key component analysis for dimensional reduction.
  • Get back to the fundamentals with this program for mathematics to improve your skills.
  • Think about linear and multivariate algebras with new ideas you have never been taught in school.
  • Without deadlines, 100% flexible courses can be taken at your own pace.
  • Access numerous online lectures, exercises, realistic projects for deeper mathematical learning.

You can Sign up Here

6. Applied Data Science with Python by University of Michigan

Duration: 5 months

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This is a comprehensive data science course, provided in Python at the University of Michigan, to assist people trying to learn data science and Python. This training curriculum will introduce you to some Python-language concepts in data science. This specialization will allow you to statistically apply machine learn, visualize information and analyze social networks through popular python tools like matplotlib, pandas, etc. It consists of five courses focusing on various subjects in data science and python language. Completing this degree will allow you to receive a Coursera certificate of completion.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to analyze social network connectivity and perform an inferential statistical analysis
  • A great training curriculum specifically built for persons with basic Python knowledge who are interested in data science
  • Learn the applied plotting, graphics and data representation in Python and Python applied machine learning
  • Provide multiple exercises, practical projects and video tutorials to analyze your knowledge and improve it.
  • Get feedback at each point of the specialization from the top instructors of Coursera

You can Sign up Here

7. Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform

Duration: 1 month

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Those interested in studying Computer Engineering, Big Data and Machine Learning from GCP can pick up this Google Cloud specialization. It is a five-week specialization program to develop and build data processing systems on the Google Cloud Platform. The combination of presentations, practical laboratories and demo videos to help individuals learn about data processing systems design, build end-to-end data pipelines, and analyze data makes this specialization unique. This includes all main subjects, such as organized, unstructured and streaming data. On completion of the degree. You can receive a Google certificate of completion.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand that Cloud Dataproc can harness unstructured data with Spark and ML APIs
  • Designed specifically for cloud technology and process engineers
  • Learn how to incorporate Cloud Dataflow autoscaling data pipelines
  • Learn how you can use Google BigQuery to obtain market knowledge from large datasets
  • Completely free, free of charge or hidden costs
  • Provide practical activities to improve your skills

You can Sign up Here

8. Best Coursera Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Course

Duration: 9 months

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

When you belong to a area other than engineering you do not have to join AI, and this is the proof of this course. Coursera offers AI for everyone if the deeplearning.ai course which helps everyone in their organization to learn artificial intelligence. In this course you will learn to understand the basic concepts of artificial intelligence. You can also learn the sense of neural networks, deep learning, and machine learning from common AI terminology. The teacher, Andrew Nag, is an AI professional who runs his own company, Landing AI.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn how to find ways to apply AI to the organization ‘s problems
  • Learn what AI can and can not do after this course
  • Have multiple tests and online lecturers to clear the questions and problems
  • Anyone can take a hundred percent versatile online course
  • Learn how machine learning and data science initiatives are built and how AI teams operate on the implementation of AI strategies
  • Receive 24/7 assistance from an experienced team

You can Sign up Here

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Wrapping Up

That’s the list of 8 Best Online Coursera Machine Learning Certification of 2023 with high-quality content. They are popular and loved by many Coursera Machine Learning students. Between these courses, you are sure to find what you need to learn to continue your path of the Coursera Machine Learning.

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