UPSC Exams Recruitment

UPSC Exams Recruitment

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Mohit Dhulia

The UPSC Exam 2024 is one of India’s most competitive exams. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is one of India’s most prestigious Central Recruiting Agencies, created under Article 315 of the Indian Constitution.

It is in charge of finding qualified applicants for various positions in the federal government. On October 1, 1926, it was established as the Federal Public System Commission, and on January 26, 1950, it was renamed the Union Public Service Commission.

One of UPSC’s responsibilities is to serve the Union by holding numerous exams and appointing qualified candidates to various jobs. Follow our UPSC Exam Page for more UPSC Exam updates. The Civil Services Exam (CSE), one of UPSC’s most popular tests, is one of the most popular exams.

Civil Services Exam candidates are recruited into top Central Government services like as Group A Services, IPS, IAS, IFS, and others. Every year, around 23,00,000 people apply for the exam, but only about 800 people are chosen, according to last year’s merit list.

A list of all UPSC Exams in India is provided here. Candidates interested in joining the civil service can use the resources provided below to receive all the information they need to prepare for the UPSC upcoming exams.

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