State PSC Exams Recruitment

In India, the Public Service Commissions (PSC) are mandated by the Constitution (Articles 315–323) to assist state governments with recruitment, transfers, and disciplinary actions. Every year, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) holds the famed IAS Exam.

For the 20-odd Group A and Group B services, the IAS Exam is the common admission point. Similarly, the State Public Service Commissions hold recruiting exams that serve as a stepping stone to desirable positions in the state government.

Aspirants will discover comprehensive information on PSC Exams in India in this post. Every Public Service Commission has its own website, exam schedule, eligibility requirements, and curriculum.

However, there is a major overlap between PSC Exams and UPSC Exams in general. The most practical technique for civil service candidates is to prepare for both state PSC examinations and UPSC exams at the same time.

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