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RRB exams and other tests for the railway sector are administered by the Indian Railways Board. The test is for applicants who desire to work with India’s Railways division. According to previous candidates, the RRB test is both competitive and demanding.

With 114,500 kilometres of total track and 7,500 stations, Indian Railways is the world’s fourth-largest railway network, after the United States, Russia, and China. In the year 1998, the Railway Recruitment Control Board was established. It is run by the Government of India and is based in the Ministry of Railways in New Delhi.

The Indian Railways has 21 RRB Boards tasked with identifying the best candidates to work for them. Get all the information about Indian Railway Exams from this article.

Learn about the various types of railway tests. As well as the prerequisites. All of the dates are included, as well as any openings.

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