SBI Clerk Salary 2024: Salary Structure, Salary Slip, In hand Salary, Promotion, Allowance

Because of the lucrative SBI Clerk Salary, SBI Clerk is one of the most sought-after banking jobs, with lakhs of candidates applying each year. The State Bank of India is well-known for providing its employees with a variety of benefits in addition to a competitive salary package. This article goes over the salary structure, allowances, and other benefits of the position. Aspirants who aspire to work for a bank want to know about the salary, work/job profile, and benefits that the SBI Clerk receives.

Applicants who aspire to work in a bank will be interested in learning about the salary and other benefits. However, SBI Clerks have more opportunities for advancement and pay than other PSBs (Public Sector Banks). Examine the changes to the Clerk or Junior Associates Salary, In-hand Salary, Perks, Allowances, and Job Profile. We’ve covered the SBI Clerk Salary Structure, Pay Scale, Allowances and Benefits, and more in this article.

What is the SBI Clerk Salary?

A SBI Clerk’s in-hand salary in 2024 will be between Rs 19,900 and Rs 25,000. The SBI Clerk salary 2024 varies depending on where the applicants are posted, whether in rural or urban areas. For example, if the applicant is assigned to a metropolis such as Mumbai, they will be paid Rs. 29000 in cash. The dearness allowances and other allowances will be included in this SBI Clerk 2024 salary. For newly hired graduate junior associates, there will be two additional increments. Applicants will be eligible for benefits of provident fund, medical leave, fare, and other benefits, as stated in the SBI Clerk notification.

The basic salary of a State Bank of India Clerk is something between INR 26,000 and INR 29,000 per month, which includes the DA (Dearness allowance). The SBI Clerk Salary Structure is- Rs.17900-1000/3-20900-1230/3-24590-1490/4-30550-1730/7-42600-3270/1-45930-1990/1-47920.

SBI Clerk Salary Structure 2024

ParticularsAmount (INR)
Basic PayINR. 19,900
DAINR. 6,234 (26%)
Transport AllowanceINR. 600
HRAINR. 2,091
Special AllowanceINR. 3,263
Gross SalaryINR. 32,088


ParticularsAmount (INR)
Professional TaxINR. 208
Pension FundINR. 2,565
Net SalaryINR. 32,088

SBI Clerk 2024 Salary Increment

Basic Pay ScaleAmount (INR)
Annual IncrementINR. 1000
Initial basic payINR.19,900 (INR 17,900 + 2 Advance Increments given to Graduates)
After added 3 yearsINR. 24,590
After another 4 yearsINR. 30,550
After 3 yearsIncrease to INR. 20,900
Maximum SalaryINR. 47,920

SBI Clerk 2024 Pay Scale

The job description for an SBI (State Bank of India) clerk varies by state. Aspirants working in metropolitan areas earn more money than those working in other areas.

The pay scale of State Bank of India (SBI) is INR.17900-1000/3-20900-1230/3-24590-1490/4-30550-1730/7-42600-3270/1-45930-1990/1-47920.

The starting salary for an SBI Clerk is INR 17,900, with a 1000-rupee increment. The basic salary of an SBI Clerk will be INR 20,900 after three years, with a year increment of INR 1230. Furthermore, after three years, applicants will receive a basic pay scale of INR 24,590 with a 1490 increment. After some time, the average basic salary will rise to INR 47,920.

SBI Clerk Job Profile: Roles and Responsibilities

An applicant hired as a clerk in the State Bank of India has a great opportunity to advance to the position of General Manager. As previously stated, this is an excellent opportunity to obtain an entry-level position in the banking industry. An SBI Bank Clerk’s responsibilities include the following:

  1. Functions as a Single Window Operator
    -Opening accounts, transferring funds via cheque/NEFT/RTGS, issuing Demand Drafts (DD), clearing cheques, requesting chequebooks, and receiving inbound emails are all examples of day-to-day bank functions.
  2. Functions as Head Cashier
    -The clerk may also serve as a cashier on occasion. This entails handling the branch’s cash transactions, as well as clearing and transferring checks.
  3. Junior associates can also serve as special assistants or astrologers.
  4. The clerks are also responsible for addressing and resolving customer complaints.

SBI Clerk Promotion

SBI Clerks are eligible for promotion in one of two ways:

1. In-cadre Promotion

2. Promotion to Officer cadre

In-cadre promotion:

This type of promotion is based on home postings and is a limited-time offer:

  1. Along with the total salary, a special allowance of Rs 1800 is provided. The assistant becomes a Senior Assistant after ten years of service. (This allowance is not taken into account when calculating basic pay.)
  2. After twenty years of service, an assistant will be promoted to Special Assistant. This position comes with a stipend of Rs 2500/-. (This is considered for the calculation of basic pay).
  3. After thirty years of service, an assistant will be promoted to Senior Special Assistant. This position comes with a stipend of Rs 3500/-. (This is considered for the calculation of basic pay).

Promotion to Officer Cadre:

  • After three years of service, an assistant is promoted to Trainee Officer.
  • Apart from passing the internal written exam and personal interview, this requires passing the JAIIB and CAIIB Examinations from the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF).
  • These officers are then placed on a two-year probationary period. After the probation period, they are either absorbed into the Middle Management Grade (Scale – II) or returned to the Clerical Cadre based on their interview.
  • When an assistant has completed six years of service in the fast track channel or twelve years of service in the normal track channel, he or she can become a Scale – I Officer in the Junior Management Grade. JAIIB and CAIIB qualifications are also important for faster promotions, as is passing the written test as well as the personal interview.

SBI Clerk Salary: Perks & Allowances

Employees at SBI will be eligible for reimbursement of various perquisites, provident fund, pension under the New Pension Scheme (Defined Contribution Benefit), medical, leave-fare, and other benefits, as per the Bank’s instructions. After passing the SBI Clerk exam, the clerk is entitled to the following benefits:

  • Stability
  • Financial Security
  • Pension under New Pension Scheme(NPS)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Provident Fund

An applicant must have completed their preparation to qualify for such benefits and the overall package. To begin your preparation for SBI Clerk, review the exam pattern and syllabus.

SBI Clerk Allowances

Other allowances, in addition to the basic salary, include the following:

  1. Transport Allowance
  2. City Allowance
  3. Dearness Allowance
  4. House Rent Allowance
  5. Medical Allowance
  6. Newspaper Allowance
  7. Special Allowance
  8. Furniture Allowance

Allowances differ depending on where you are stationed. Employees are given a provident fund, a pension under the New Pension Scheme, medical coverage, leave benefits, and other benefits.

SBI Clerk Salary 2024 – Additional Benefits

A separate job in the Clerk Cadre at SBI offers more benefits in addition to the SBI Clerk Salary 2024, which they accepted. Some significant benefits of working as an SBI Clerk are listed below.

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits are provided to SBI Clerk employees at no cost. Their house member is also entitled to 75 percent medical compensation in the event of an injury, hospitalization, or illness.

Dearness Benefits

On a house-by-house basis, the Dearness benefits are new in February, May, August, and November. It is determined by the CPI, or Consumer Price Index, as published by the Indian government.

Travel Benefits

The SBI Bank provides its employees with a complete travel package that includes nice guest houses and vacation homes. The Bank of SBI Clerk also allows you to visit some of India’s most beautiful cities and locations.

House Rent benefits

The House Rent is determined by the posting area. Employees assigned to metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and others will pay a higher House Rent than those assigned to other districts. Junior Agricultural Associates would be able to save an extra Rs 490 per month after accounting for HRA, DA, and pension benefits. Furthermore, an SBI Clerk’s Salary includes a variety of perks such as magazines and books, a briefcase, housekeeping, and phone bills.

SBI Clerk Salary FAQ’S

What is the monthly salary of SBI clerk?

After all deductions, the in-hand salary of an SBI clerk varies depending on the location of employment. In-hand salaries for SBI Clerks typically range from Rs 26,000 to Rs 29,000 per month.

Does the State Bank of India provide medical facilities to the worker in salary benefits?

Yes, according to SBI clerk salary 2024, the bank provides medical benefits to its employees.

Are SBI Associates and SBI Clerk equal?

Yes, the SBI Clerk and SBI Associates exams are identical.

Is SBI clerk a permanent job?

Yes, the position of SBI Clerk (Junior Associate) is permanent.

Do I need an Aadhaar Card to submit for the SBI Clerk exam?

No, you do not need an Aadhaar card to apply for the exam.

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