How Toppers Clear SBI PO Exam?

Are you too making up your mind to appear in this year’s exam and crack it on the very first attempt? Thousands of aspirants dream of it, but only a few of them achieve this feat; And that too with a golden score! Frankly, if you are serious about cracking the SBI PO Mains 2023-24 Exam, you will have to adopt the daily habits of former SBI PO toppers for more effective studying and revision to gain maximum marks.

We know, the competition will be tougher this time too, as every year new professionals from other fields are also trying their hands and luck in this Exam. So, you need to be a step ahead of them to crack it. How? Do what others are avoiding! Start with checking your progress and testing your skills via SBI PO Mock Tests and know your weaknesses and strengths first.

Let’s discuss more about the top-most result-oriented tips that every topper followed to clear the SBI PO Mains Exams!

The best tips & tricks to crack the SBI PO Exam 2023-24

If you are determined to crack the SBI PO exam, you need to start and speed up your preparation right now and can achieve the desired results by following the tips given below.

Here are the best tips that all the toppers have been following to crack the SBI PO Exams:

1.    Analyze the latest SBI PO Exam pattern & syllabus

As said earlier, the first and foremost thing to beat the SBI PO exam is to analyze the exam pattern and marking scheme. You need to analyze every topic included in each section of the exam. Decide which topics or areas need more time to study and make a plan to invest proper time in each section. Don’t forget that certain topics are more important than others. Once you get a clear idea about the syllabus, you can smartly plan your SBI PO exam preparation accordingly.

2.    Craft a realistic timetable

You need to create a realistic timetable as per the latest SBI PO Exam syllabus. Stick to that timetable.  If you feel you’re weak in any subject or topic, spend more time on it. It always makes your preparation easy and increases your concentration levels. After completing a target take Mock Tests to test your preparation and make quick improvements.

3.    Understand the concepts, theories and shortcuts properly

All you need to do is understand all the theories and concepts to answer confidently in the SBI PO Exam. You can apply shortcuts and techniques to questions on Quantitative Aptitude, or Reasoning Ability to solve them quickly and easily. So, after understanding the concepts and getting to know all the related theories, you can quickly learn the shortcuts. For example, the knowledge of basic grammatical rules, structures, and other useful tricks can help you quickly answer the questions from the English Language section. 

4.    Read the newspaper regularly

Regularly reading newspapers and magazines can be rewarding in SBI PO Exam. You need to allot a two-hour daily time slot for this task in your timetable. Allotting two hours daily for reading newspapers will pay you heavily. Then, you should also maintain a notebook and note down all the new words to add to your vocabulary, for better reading comprehension. This will not just help to solve the English Language section, but also help you answer questions from the General Awareness section of SBI PO Exam.

5.    Memorize the formulas

The Quantitative Aptitude section requires a number of formulas to solve the questions. Moreover, the derivations of the formulas too are of utmost importance. So, you need to practice them regularly by applying them. It will help you to derive a formula if you’ll forget it in exam time.

6. Sharpen your writing skills

Read the newspaper daily and try to copy the articles and note down the vocabulary as much as you can. This way, you will be able to enhance your English reading and comprehension skills. This will also help you in building vocabulary, and acquire better and better grammar and comprehension skills.

7. Make notes of all the important topics

These notes will improve your memory retention power and you can use them at the time of revision. Make simple notes and develop a habit of revising them time to time. Make notes in simple language in such a way as one would explain something to a layperson with no previous knowledge about a term or concept. While making notes, give priority to events related to sports and business first, and then to others. Revise all the important section-wise topics.

8. Prioritize every section and topic

Try to prepare every section and topic properly, as the Exam will apply an overall cut-off. You need not only know how to solve a question, but also the application of your knowledge to solve it with accuracy and timing.

9. Read and watch the news

Read newspapers and watch them on the TV to counter the General Awareness Section of the Exam. Newspapers are said to be like the mirrors of the society in which the state of affairs gets reflected. They are the cheapest and best sources of the latest happenings or day-to-day events from where you can get knowledge of both national and international current affairs. Read two English newspapers such as The Hindu and The Indian Express. In addition, follow magazines, and journals and consult a standard grammar book, like Wren and Martin, or Practical English Grammar by Michael Swan.

10. Study from the best books

Choose the best books that cover each section of the Mains exams. You can choose a book that matches your subject’s needs. After covering the latest SBI PO Syllabus through the best SBI PO books and study materials, you can work on making your own preparation or exam strategy. And this is what all the toppers and experts have done and recommended. And never forget that you must check the knowledge gained from the best SBI PO books via Mock Tests to analyze your weaknesses and strengths and develop a perfect exam strategy.

10.    Practice and Revise regularly via the best Mock Tests

Practice makes a man perfect. Practising regularly in any competitive exam is always fruitful. The same proverb applies to the SBI PO Exam. So, the moment you finish a topic or section, try to solve questions from that topic only. It will help you to test your progress and help you improve. Practice as much as you can. Solve easy questions first and then go for the difficult questions. Always tick the questions you find difficult to answer and revise them later on. Revise whatever you have learned regularly to avoid forgetting it. Hence, allocate at least 2 hours daily for revision. By taking the best SBI PO Mock Tests, you will also get an idea about how much time will it take to deal with different sections of an Exam. Therefore, your Preparation should involve completing all topics from the syllabus and preparing in a way that you can answer all sorts of questions of every level that the actual exam entertains. Practice and revise by taking the SBI PO Mock Tests regularly!

11.    Improve your time management skills

To get good results in the SBI PO Exam, you need to practice to try to attempt more questions within a short time duration. This exam demands not just accuracy but also speed. You need to take care of your time management skills with accuracy to answer. A good balance between accuracy and time always results in gaining a high score. Hence, try to solve the practice questions in a time-bound manner. It is always better to invest proper time in each question in order to attempt all questions from each section in the actual SBI PO Exam. Keep testing your time management skills.

Best Books for SBI PO Preparation

Given below are the most popular books targeting each section of both SBI PO Prelims and Mains exam:

1.    Best SBI PO Books for Reasoning Preparation

The Reasoning Aptitude tests your logical reasoning ability. You can refer to the following books to prepare all the topics that this section can test you with:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
Bank PO Reasoning: Chapterwise Solved Papers 1999 to till Date 7330+Objective QuestionsThink Tank of Kiran Prakashan, Pratiyogita Kiran
Bank PO Reasoning Chapterwise Solved PapersArihant Experts
Chapter-wise Solved Papers 2000-2015 Bank PO REASONINGArihant Experts
Computer Awareness for General Competitive Exams (Objective with Subjective)Soumya Ranjan Behera

2.    Best SBI PO Books for English Preparation

The English section requires regular practice and clear concepts. This section tests your command over rules of grammar and vocabulary. You can refer to the following books to prepare all the topics that this section can test you with:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
Bank PO English Language Chapter-wise Solved PapersArihant Experts
Objective English for Competitive ExaminationHari Mohan Prasad, Uma Sinha
Objective General English (Old Edition)R S Aggarwal

3.    SBI PO Books for Quantitative Aptitude Preparation

This section tests your mathematical or calculative skills, which are sharpened with regular practice. You can refer to the following books to prepare all the topics that this section can test you with:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationsR S Aggarwal
Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude with 4 eBooks for Competitive ExamsDisha Experts
Bank PO Quantitative Aptitude Chapter-wise Solved PapersArihant Experts
Chapter-wise Solved Papers 2000-2015 Bank PO QUANTITATIVE APTITUDEArihant Experts

4.    Best SBI PO Books for General Awareness

The General Awareness section requires regular and extensive preparations. You need to follow current events by reading newspapers daily. You can refer to the following books to prepare all the topics that this section can test you with:

Book NameAuthor/ Publisher
Banking AwarenessArihant
Banking AwarenessRPH Editorial Board Ramesh Publishing House
Banking Awareness for SBI/IBPS Bank Clerk/PO/SO/RRB & RBI examsDisha Publications
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For best results, it becomes mandatory to assess your performance in the best possible manner. You need to identify your weak areas and try to improve. And here’s where Mock Tests jump in. SBI PO Mock Tests try to closely imitate the actual SBI PO exam, providing you with different types of questions, by covering every topic from the syllabus and helping you to understand the exact patterns of questions that the actual exams test them with. Through it, you can also get an idea about how much time will it take to deal with the different sections of an Exam. Therefore, your Preparation should involve completing all the topics from the syllabus and preparing in a way that you can answer all sorts of questions of every level that the actual exam entertains.

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