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One destination to find everything from exams to study materials. Exams | Courses | QnA | Study Material

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Recently, we did an interview with a student of IIT who is about to pass the Institute this year.
We asked him about JEE and the life at IITs. He wished to remain anonymous, so we aren’t revealing his identity.
All we can tell here is that he passed the JEE in 2014 and is about to graduate this year.
Recently, he got placed in a well-known company. Here, he describes his journey.
How did you find out about the IITs?

“Well, my brother happens to be an IITian as well. So, I’ve known about the IITs and the JEE for quite some time.”

What made you realise that you want to do IIT?

“I was in 8th/9th standard when Biology was introduced as a separate subject(just like Phy and Chem). I was quite bad in that subject and on the contrary, I absolutely loved doing Maths. So, it was a no-brainer for me. I just had to get into the IITs.”

Would a student know that he/she is capable of passing the exam beforehand?

“I always knew that i was capable of cracking the JEE, and i could tell those who were capable as well. The anomalies are always there and that’s what we bet on, but those preparing for JEE genuinely, always have an idea so as to whether they are capable enough to crack the exams.”

What had been the driving force in the long process of preparation?

“I did my preparations from Kota. So, I knew what I was getting into when I went there in my 11th standard. At first it was excitement to crack the JEE. But in my 12th standard, the mere fact that I didn’t want to stay there for another year drove me through the finish line.”

How did you constantly motivated yourself?

“Having a family that has gone through the grinding process for my other sibling doesn’t hurt, does it? They were always very supportive and i didn’t have any extra baggage to prove myself.”

How did the preparation change you as a person?

“The preparation process made me more calm and acceptive in the sense that, I wasn’t afraid of failures. I knew I had given my all, if it wasn’t meant to be, then so be it. I think I am that calm even now. So, those two years have only helped me grow as a person.”

What were the major distractions and how did you avoid them?

“Well in Kota, you can very easily spoil your future. The distractions are immense. But I think, I had the longer goal in the mind(always!). Besides, my mom stayed with me in Kota. So, there was always a guardian looking for me.”

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Now that you are about to graduate from IIT, tell us about the journey.

“I absolutely loved my stay here. Be it the Hall rivalries, the deadlines, the crushes, the rejections, the fights and i could go on…! I was a shy innocent guy when I came here. I grew up emotionally and mentally along with my friends. The greatest thing about being in the IITs is that, people with great minds are also quite philosophical! At least that’s what i’ve noticed. So, i’ve always loved debating and arguing with my friends here. You get different perspectives on virtually anything. You can start with almost anything and excel at it. So, even though IITs are premier educational institutes, there is quite a lot freedom in what we do and what we wish to achieve in future.”

At last, was all the pain worth it?

“I would say, yes. Definitely. For a student like me, who wasn’t excellent in anything, but was decent in quite a lot of things, I think my institute really helped me. Definitely, there are blips along the road when you question your judgement, but in all, you can’t really go wrong in choosing the IITs. If you don’t know what you’re good at, but are good enough to crack the JEE, I think you’ll probably be good in engineering! If not, IITs provide enough opportunites to excel in other fields.”
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