Learn from Abhinay Sharma how to prepare for government jobs.

Nowadays, most of the students prepare for government jobs, but very few of them get selected. Do you know that a better strategy and tips are very important for preparing for government jobs? That’s why we have brought Abhinay Sharma’s strategy to you. Abhinay is a math teacher and has qualified for the SSC CGL exam five times. Abhinay is originally a resident of Delhi and is associated with many coaching institutes. Not only this, Abhinay also runs his coaching online.

Learn from Abhinay Sharma how to prepare for government jobs.

Set Target

Abhinav says from his experience that if you are preparing for a government job, then it is very important for you to set a target and study. If you are preparing for UPSC, then set the target for UPSC only. With this, you can prepare easily.

Avoid social media.

The fewer distractions you keep during preparation, the better your preparation will be. Therefore, avoid social media; you will not get distracted. Also, avoid going to functions. Stop attending parties. This will prevent you from getting pressured by relatives. There will also be time saved. Time management is very important during preparation. Otherwise, you may have to face problems.

Change the strategy.

If you are failing again and again with your old strategy, then you need to change your strategy. If you change your strategy, you can achieve success. Therefore, if you are not getting success with one strategy, then change the strategy. Set small circles around it. This can help you a lot. For this, first of all, set a goal of finishing one chapter. If we set goals like this, we will definitely move forward.

Avoid a strict timetable.

Do not set a strict timetable to crack any competitive exam. Many people make a very strict timetable, and even before following it, they get scared and feel pressured. Therefore, make your own routine every day and follow it. Apart from this, you need to read selective books.

Many times, students bring their own books. That’s where he gets confused. Therefore, keep your books selective. If you want to know all these things from Abhinay Sharma, then visit Josh Talks’ YouTube channel.

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