Don't Commit these Common Mistakes in SBI PO Preparation!

One of the most prestigious Banking exams, the SBI probationary officers’ test will start on December 2023 and continue till 20th December 2023 Tentatively. Lakhs of candidates, as usual, will be competing for a few posts in this grand tournament of skills. If you too are preparing hard to contest for it, you have still enough time to invest in working on avoiding certain mistakes that may affect your overall SBI PO exam results.

Given below are the most common mistakes candidates commit that may prevent them from beating the SBI PO Exam. The knowledge of these mistakes will also help you prepare the syllabus better, as the mistakes are directly or indirectly related to the preparation strategy and the study approach. It is important to keep all these mistakes in mind while practicing this year’s SBI PO Mock Tests for best practice.

Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing

There are some major mistakes that, if avoided, during the SBI PO preparation, can make your Exam a success. Otherwise, these same mistakes can blow your entire preparation away like a cloud of smoke. Given below are some most common mistakes that aspirants commit and end up slipping into the pit of failure during the Exam. You need to ensure that you do not commit those mistakes to lose a chance of making a career like hundreds and thousands of other candidates.

  1. Lack of Good Study & Revision Plan

You need to have a good study and a revision plan beforehand for the optimum utilization of time. Many times, many candidates cultivate a habit of skipping certain topics while doing exam preparation which they get bored with. Some candidates get so overwhelmed with confidence that they skip topics as they think they already knew a lot about them and avoid testing their abilities with related questions. So, you need to avoid skipping topics and revise and practice everything you already know to beat the exam with flying colours.

  1. Running After Too Many Books

You need to practice a lot while preparing to clear the exam. Mere reading the theoretical concepts will not guarantee success. Therefore, choosing too many books and reading from so many references will lead you nowhere. So, make sure you buy books that are useful, easy, and result-oriented with practice papers that also include previous years’ question papers.

  1. Revision of Favourite Subjects and Topics

Sometimes it happens that many aspirants choose to prepare topics from the syllabus with which they feel very comfortable. They pick up easy topics and avoid what seems to them hard or tricky. You should avoid this habit. This will only limit your knowledge and harm your overall preparation, which becomes nothing but incomplete preparation. Avoid doing it, otherwise, you will be perspiring seeing questions you skipped just because they seemed hard.

  1. Exploring New Chapters & Topics

When the Exams are close, you need to revise what you have already learned and not run to discover new topics. It takes a lot of time to perfect a topic or subject, but that cannot be accomplished overnight. You need time and effort to master any new topic. If you’ll invest time in studying new topics or chapters, you will take time away from those chapters that you can master quickly because you have studied them before. You need mastery over some chapters to excel in the Exam.

  1. Ignoring Static GK with General Awareness

Don’t leave the Static General Knowledge part, if you are preparing for the SBI PO Exam. Many aspirants give it a blind eye as they think it to be a cakewalk. Yes, it is an easy area but it needs a sufficient amount of time to get mastered. It is a scoring area. You can grab maximum marks in it. The fact is, it only has a small part of the general awareness section, and it is the easiest and most scoring area in the entire exam. Therefore, give sufficient time to it and fetch good score marks in it without any difficulty.

  1. Not Attempting Enough Mock Tests

Another mistake that the students commit is that they forget that an Exam like SBI PO, like other major competitive Exams, is a play of timing. You need to possess a sufficient amount of speed in answering questions to complete the questions on time. Every delay is like a nail in the coffin. And here’s where SBI PO Mock Tests jump in. Hence, you need to take as many Mock Tests as possible to minimize the chances of being eliminated from the selected list of candidates.

  1. Forgetting the Mains Exam

Even if you’ll succeed in the Prelims exam you’ll not be selected. You’ll still have to appear in the Mains exam. It is this exam that will decide whether you’ll grab PO’s post or not. You should not forget that you should also have to clear the Mains exam to win the PO post. Though the main exam is tougher, the concepts needed to clear the exam in both the preliminary and mains exam are the same. So, you start the Mains preparation just after giving the Prelims exam or do it simultaneously.

  1. Not Mastering the Important Topics First

Mastering the important topics is important as these topics keep on appearing in the exam. By mastering the most scoring or important topics you can boost your confidence. Analyze the previous years’ question papers to assess the weightage of the topics to know the most important ones.

  1. Avoiding Shortcuts

You’ll get 1 hour (60 minutes) to answer 100 questions in the SBI preliminary Exam. You’ll get on average less than 40 seconds to answer 1 question. Here’s where shorts cuts come in handy as they help you save time during the exam. But avoid, practising too many shortcuts and increase your speed and accuracy.

  1. Not Avoiding Negative Marking

It is important to always keep in mind the negative marking scheme at the time of preparation or practising via Mock Tests. You should try your best to attempt the entire SBI PO question paper but not without regard for negative marking. Therefore, aspirants are recommended to practice questions keeping both the time and negative marking. Don’t forget that 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer.

  1. Lack of Discipline & Motivation

When you are not regular and consistent in following the timetable or schedule, you lose track of time and path while preparing for the SBI PO Exam. You go off the track and end up losing confidence and motivation too. Everything should go along well with each other, your timetable, your preference of subjects to be prepared first and afterwards, and so on. You need to improve your Time Management skills, as your speed along with the accuracy in answering questions will decide your results.

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Keep in mind all the above-mentioned mistakes that should be avoided during the preparation and revision process of the Exam for positive results. It is recommended to stay away from all the distractions like socializing, reading unnecessary study material, and procrastination in the last one or two months before the exam. Hence, count every hour on your fingertips and stay positive and motivated and the success will be yours in the end.

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