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One destination to find everything from exams to study materials. Exams | Courses | QnA | Study Material

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Engineering or Medical, both are the most chosen career options in India. Many times when you ask children about their career options, mostly they mention engineering or medical.
“I want to become a doctor.”, sounds great, right? Or “I want to become an engineer.” is this better?
Well, choosing the right career is a difficult task to do. Parents will guide you, relatives will advise you but at the end of the day, it all depends upon your dreams. It all depends on what you want to become, what do you want to be called after 10 years have passed in your life – A Doctor or an Engineer?
To settle down with the correct option, here is a guide which can help you in the most difficult decision of your life.

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Why Choose Engineering? 

First of all, Engineering is a creative career option. It will require problem-solving skills, making decisions etc. Every day, engineers have to show the maximum level of creativity especially when gadgets and machines are becoming higher in quality every passing day.
If you are curious about how things work and have a keen interest in solving problems, engineering is the perfect choice for you.
Engineering basically not only involves machinery. You can go with the other options like Computer Science, Civil Engineering etc.
While studying Engineering, you will learn skills and knowledge and have the maximum amount of practical approach that you can use in your daily life. Slowly, problems bother you less.
If you live with machines and a screwdriver is all you need to postmortem it, definitely go with Engineering. Learning about new gadgets and machines will attract your interest more and more. You will learn new things and the things you never knew before.
Engineering opens a lot of platforms for you. If you wish, you can continue your studies and pursue the Master’s degree – M. Tech.
Or you can join the right companies.
There are a lot of myths going in about engineering. Being unemployed is the first one.
Learn the difference. Mostly engineers are jobless because they spent 4 years of their college lives roaming around the streets and having pizza every other day.
Though engineering is not at all about studying the whole day and forget to live, it is quite important to pay attention to your classes and complete the given work on time. If you feel exhausted throughout the day and feel uninterested in learning about any of the new machines, I’m sorry, but no company will be interested in taking you as their employee.
You definitely have to work hard and prove your worth in this field of maximum creativity and skills.
If you are ready to dedicate years of your life to learning the proper skills and then using them practically, choose Engineering.
The right will and the right college will definitely help you in becoming the finest of the engineers. All you have to do is keep taking interest in the new coming machines.

Why Choose Medical?

Engineering or Medical
If you have always been interested in Biology, then go and choose Medical without second thoughts.
Medical studies open a vast range of opportunities. There are a ton of courses you can choose from, like

  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Biomedicine etc
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Medical studies are hard and require the maximum amount of practical approach. It requires hours and hours of studies not because you want to achieve a degree with good marks, but because you are going to treat a person. A person, who is someone’s mother, sister, wife, friend etc.
And to treat a person in the absolutely right way, you need to learn as many details as possible.
You need to learn about the importance of a person’s life.
Not only hospitals, there are a number of places who are looking for different kind of services – a nurse, a teacher, a dentist and many more.
Browse through the multiple courses and choose which one fascinates you the most. Think about the things you will study. Think about whether you will be able to dedicate more than half of your day every day to the studies or not.
The world needs more doctors! Not only India, doctors are required globally. More than that, you can open your own institute, centre, hospital etc.
After a doctor’s degree, you will have a stable career and job. You can earn a lot of money also and this by helping people. I don’t think there is a better joy and relief than this.
Briefly, there can be a thousand reasons for why choosing this or that career. But what counts the most is your interest.
What matters is, can you do the same work for years and years and forever?
If you choose a career option you are least interested in, you will definitely going to have a million problems. You will be tired, irritated and what not. So choose a career that suits you not the people around you. It’s you who have to live that career for the rest of your life.
Think about the things that attract you and move your step forward towards them. Then nothing will stop you from achieving your goals, no matter how high they are.
Listen to yourself. Choose wisely.
Best of luck.

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