Valour of soldiers to be included in the school curriculum says Dharmendra Pradhan: Veer Gatha Project

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The valour of Indian soldiers and India’s Veergatha in the last 75 years will be incorporated into the school curriculum and textbooks, according to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, who was speaking at the felicitation of Super25 contest winners under “The Veer Gatha Project,” which was organised by the defence ministry in collaboration with the education ministry. The education minister tweeted, “In consultation with @DefenceMinIndia, we will also work to incorporate the bravery of our soldiers and India’s veergatha in the last 75 years into the school curriculum and our textbooks to strengthen the sense of responsibility towards the nation’ from a young age.”

Pradhan asserts that there is no better way to observe Amrit Mahotsav than by honouring India’s Veers. He expressed gratitude to the defence minister Rajnath Singh for starting the Veer Gatha Project. Pradhan added that the Veer Gatha Project and Super 25 have inspired the nationalism in India’s youth. He also suggested renaming the competition Sena Super 25 in honour of the military and gave the assurance that the education ministry would create an institutional system for giving academic credits for certificates obtained through the Veer Gatha Project.

According to Pradhan, this time around, the Super 25 involved 8 lakh children across 5,000 institutions. He declared that the government will work to extend this initiative’s reach to all Indian schools and to more than 1 crore pupils.

Mayank Tewari


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