Tips for self-preparation, how to prepare for CAT without coaching

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For which registration is still open, IIM, Bangalore will host the CAT 2022 on November 27. By September 14, interested and qualified candidates may apply for the CAT exam at CAT is the entry point for pursuing an MBA at an IIM or other top business school in India. Learning about the Common Admission Test is the first step in getting ready for it.

The CAT is just a test of a candidate’s Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Data Interpretation abilities; it has no set syllabus. On the basis of the study of prior exams, the CAT exam pattern, and question trends, a flawless CAT exam preparation plan is created.

How to prepare for CAT 2022

It’s crucial to determine how many hours every day you can spend studying for the CAT. You may now multiply these by 100 days to determine how many hours you need to spend looking for the CAT. Allotted time should be divided among the CAT sections. You will therefore have enough time for each team.

CAT 2022: Basic tips for self-preparation

  • Review the CAT exam format and analyse past tests.
  • Never pretend to be an expert. Just concentrate on each topic’s foundational elements.
  • Schedule five quantitative ability modules, concentrating on arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.
  • To make fast computations, use Vedic math.
  • Try to understand how to decipher deeper contextual meaning in spoken.
  • When doing VA questions, ask what and why.
  • Develop language that is context-based. Become more adept at understanding a word’s meaning in context
  • Check your speed by seeing how quickly you can answer a question. Focus on time-saving techniques and quick fixes to keep the time limit for a question at 2 minutes.
  • Prioritize the modules for quantitative abilities in terms of importance. First complete arithmetic, then start working on algebra and in the last geometry. This should be the order of your quant preparation

Study schedule for CAT preparation

  • Do Verbal Ability (VA) two days every week
  • Study logical reasoning for 2 hours daily
  • Increase the time to 3 hours after one month
  • Do 30 minutes of reading daily
  • For QA, study one module in a week
  • Follow the daily ritual of doing 2 questions from each of DI, LR, and RC

How to prepare without coaching

Candidates can pass this MBA entrance exam without coaching, even though CAT tutoring is quite beneficial in preparation for the CAT exam. In the past, a lot of champions did that. Here are some CAT preparation pointers and guidance from professionals and former high scorers.

  • At least 2 full-length mock tests
  • Give sectional test for VARC
  • Watch YouTube channels such as IQuanta, Verbal mentor for VARC, Elites grid for LRDI
  • Do different types of DI-LR sets every day
  • Practice at least one RC daily
  • Read newspaper editorials such as the Hindu, Indian Express, Smithsonian, etc.
  • Most importantly, draw your own strategy, considering your weak and strong points

In 2021, the CAT exam format changed. The CAT exam from the previous year had fewer questions and took less time. Additionally, the pass/promotion option has been removed for the CAT 2022 eligibility requirements. Before registering for CAT 2022, candidates should make sure they match the eligibility requirements.

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