The students of Material Science at IIT Kanpur marked the occasion of Research Scholars Day with celebration.

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The Materials Science and Engineering Department at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur held the fourth annual Research Scholars Day, ‘Padarth 2023’, which focused on the progress in materials science and invited research scholars to present their recent discoveries, share ideas, and build connections. Owais Ahmad, Nikhil Chaurasia, Saumya Ranjan Jha, and Albert Linda from IIT Kanpur organised workshops and tutorials in machine learning and density functional theory.

Professor Animangsu Ghatak gave a speech about the influence of hierarchical surface structure on adhesion. He illustrated how creatures like lizards, geckos, and other insects hold on to surfaces of different types and how artificial hierarchical surface structures can be employed to produce reusable papers, which may help to lessen the environmental impact and save resources such as energy, water, materials and time.

The event was met with great enthusiasm as participants took part in oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, materials science quizzes, and a metallography competition. Scholars showed off their research in various interdisciplinary fields, including biomaterials, ceramics, metals, and electronics materials.

The scholarly researchers are concentrating their efforts in areas such as creating wound dressings, utilizing simulations to develop metallurgical processes, recycling materials, and creating sustainable energy materials. A triboelectric nanogenerator is being employed to harvest random mechanical energy generated by traffic. Professor Kallol Mondal, the Head of the Department, and Professor Shikhar Misra gave talks during the event.

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