The school management noticed an e-mail from an unknown person, claiming that a bomb had been planted in the school.

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  • 2 years ago

The municipal police were on high alert after a local private school got a bomb threat via email on Monday that turned out to be a fake. The management of the school became aware of an email that claimed a bomb had been planted in the building as soon as it opened today. The police were quickly informed, and they arrived at the scene with the bomb squad and dog squad. The police swiftly evacuated the school, conducted a thorough check of the area, and deemed the threat to be a hoax.

Panicked parents flocked to the school to inquire about their children’s safety as word of the bomb threat spread. The students and faculty have been moved to another part of the school, and the administration advised parents not to panic. The police are doing their duty, according to home minister Araga Jnanendra, and they will find the person who sent the mail to the school.

Mayank Tewari


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