The Indian Statistical Institute offers a PG Diploma in Applied Statistics on Coursera.

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The Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Statistics is a course on Coursera offered by the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). This postgraduate credential program will give learners the statistical knowledge and skills needed to make data-driven decisions and enhance their careers in applied statistics and quantitative analytics. On August 10, 2022, interested candidates may submit an application for the program.

Who is this programme for?

  • Professionals who wish to improve their capacity to gather, handle, and analyse vast amounts of data, develop analytical and statistical competence, and work in applied statistics, official statistics, and data analytics-based professions.
  • Graduates with a bachelor’s degree or first-year undergraduates interested in the field of evidence-based decision-making want to work in a field where quantitative ones supersede objective standards.

Key highlights of the PG Diploma programme:

  • This one-year PG Diploma programme tracks into two specialisations: official statistics and data analytics, beginning with the fundamentals.
  • Because the programme is based on official data systems, students will obtain a comprehensive grasp of how these systems are created and used as well as the variety of skills needed to achieve this expertise.
  • While studying the fundamentals of applied statistics and the strict rules that govern statistical inference, learners will strengthen their data analytics skills as well as their ability to analyse information, summarise it, and concisely communicate statistical conclusions.
  • The curriculum seeks to equip students for jobs dealing with applied statistics and data analytics.

The utilisation of real-world data, including publicly available data from governments and international organisations, is emphasised in the PG Diploma programme, which draws on ISI experience to train Indian Statistical Service officials.

“Learners will first acquire the background knowledge needed for the collection, display, and analysis of these data for solving actual situations. They will obtain applicable skills that are ready for the workplace as they move through the programme and build expertise using in-demand statistical data analysis tools in well-known coding languages like Python and R. Additionally, they can learn the skills necessary to create, maintain, interpret, and enhance government databases that are useful for formulating policy “a statement released by the institute. The advancement of theoretical statistics and its applications in many scientific and social disciplines are all activities carried out by the Indian Statistical Institute, an Indian organisation.

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