The Education ministry holds a meeting to seek inputs for the new curriculum.

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According to officials, the Ministry of Education convened an inter-ministerial conference on Tuesday to solicit ideas for reorganising the curriculum and pedagogical framework under the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). The essential discussion on developing a new curriculum in keeping with the new National Education Policy was attended by senior officials and members of all ministries and significant bodies, including NCERT, the Election Commission of India, ICAR, and DRDO (NEP).

“The meeting’s main topic was how ministries and organisations might help create a curriculum framework that responds to and takes into account the interests and requirements of students at various stages of development. First, the in-attendance authorities were told on how a curricular framework is created, what its deliverables are, and what is expected of them “a senior MoE representative remarked.

The need to focus on critical issues like climate change, future skill requirements, crucial factors for agricultural growth, knowledge of India, especially in those areas where India is at the forefront for instilling a sense of pride, assistive technology for inclusion, enriching subject knowledge with real-life information, how to promote multilingualism, and integration of sports, fitness and arts,” the official added.

The contributions from the ministries would aid in identifying and incorporating a number of important topics, abilities, and competencies in the NCF at appropriate times. The source added, “It was also noted that it would be very helpful if the ministries also stress out their own involvement in advancing specific ideas by collaborating with the education ecosystem.

National Curriculum Framework

Early childhood care and education, foundational literacy and numeracy, competency-based education, flexibility in secondary class choices, curriculum reduction to core essentials, reimagining vocational education, identification of core skills, multilingualism, citizenship, values like appreciation of national heritage, respect for public property, taking care of elders, and spirit of service were among the key NCF deliverables that were discussed at the meeting.

“Participants offered their ideas on how they might be able to contribute to the process given the critical nature of the work conducted by the MoE in developing the new NCF. Ideas like utilising the Department of Science’s innovation ecosystem, comprehending the work that goes into agriculture to provide food, the significant role that gramme panchayats play in ensuring enrollment and retention in schools, the value of instilling volunteerism in young children, etc. were discussed.

“It was determined that all ministries will soon present written submissions for consideration by the National Steering Committee and NCERT. The ministries were also asked to actively take part in and spread the word about the web-based citizen poll that NCERT is doing for curriculum development “added the official. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and the education ministry are conducting the Digital Survey for National Curriculum as a part of the public consultation process for developing the NCF.

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