The Delhi transport department is contemplating allowing registration of old vehicles as school cabs.

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This is being thought about in light of the Delhi Transport Corporation’s (DTC) decision to stop supplying buses to city schools beginning with the upcoming academic year.

According to official sources, the Delhi government’s transport department is thinking about changing regulations to permit the registration of old cars as school taxis provided they meet fitness and other requirements. Following the Delhi Transport Corporation’s (DTC) decision to suspend sending buses to city schools beginning with the new academic year due to the increasing demand for its fleet for public transportation, this is being taken into consideration. “At the moment, only brand-new cars can be registered as school taxis.
However, many vehicles are utilised for this purpose without being properly registered with the government, “a source in the transportation division said.

According to reports, if outdated vans and cabs are permitted to be registered as school cabs, it will assist assure improved child safety as these vehicles will need to pass fitness tests and adhere to other safety requirements.

At the moment, a lot of vans and cabs that parents and schools hire don’t meet these requirements, they claimed. In the city, more than 9,000 vehicles are registered as school taxis, but many more drive about without being formally registered with the department, according to officials.

In accordance with a number of safety requirements, the school cab policy of 2007 enabled private vehicles that were less than 15 years old to be registered as school cabs. However, they said, the Delhi government amended the regulations after 2015 and stopped registering these cars as school taxis.

Mayank Tewari


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