The CTET 2023 exam analysis for January 11 is now available; find out the level of difficulty of the exam.

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At the end of the fifth day, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) finished the CTET exam 2023 for the year 2023 on January 11. According to the students who took the exam, the difficulty level for both paper 1 and paper 2 was considered to be moderate.

Applicants planning to take the upcoming CTET exam can find the CTET exam analysis for 2023 here. Additionally, they can find out the questions asked for the CTET 2023 in various topics. By examining the analysis, candidates can get an idea of what the CTET question paper for 2023 will look like.

CTET 2023 exam analysis for paper 1 (January 11)

Candidates can check the complete CTET exam analysis 2023, good attempts, difficulty level for paper 1 and paper 2 below.

CTET exam analysis 2023 paper 1

SectionGood attemptsDifficulty level
Child Development & Pedagogy25-26Easy
Mathematics27-28Easy to Moderate
Environment Studies24-25Easy
Language I26-27Easy
Language II26-27Easy to Moderate
Overall114-118Easy to Moderate

CTET 2023 paper analysis for paper 2

SectionGood attemptsDifficulty Level
Language 127-28Easy
Language 226-27Easy to Moderate
Child Development and Pedagogy24-25Easy
Mathematics / Science23-24Moderate
Social Studies/ Social Science24-25Easy to Moderate

CTET 2023 question asked from Child Development & Pedagogy: Piaget Stages, Vygotsky – Scaffolding, Growth and Stages of Development, Chomsky -Learning accusation, Inclusive Education – Dyslexia, Kohlberg, Learning, Assertion and Reasoning, LAD, NCF 2005, Howard Gardner, NEP 2020, Basic Education, Multilingualism, and PYQ.

CTET 2023 questions asked from English Language: Reading Comprehension – One Passage and antonyms & synonyms, Poem – one poem, English Pedagogy – National initiative for proficiency in reading with understanding and numeracy, Grammar Translation Method, Assessment, Phoneme, Classroom Teaching Method.

CTET 2023 questions asked from Mathematics: Geometry- Complementary Angle, Based on PYQ, Unit and Measurement, Line of Symmetry – Rectangle, Fractions, Number Series, Place Value, Unit Conversion, Time and Distance, Blood Relations, Reciprocal, Area & Perimeter, Pedagogy -Top Down Approach, Pattern, Symmetry Lines, and Van Hiele.

The CTET exam for December will take place from December 28, 2022 to February 6, 2023 and be held online on multiple dates. The admit card for the CTET exam will be released two days before the test.

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