The Bihar MBBS interns' strike for a stipend hike continues.

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The previous three days have seen MBBS interns from government-run medical colleges in Bihar demonstrate in favour of an increase in their monthly stipend from Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000. The ongoing strike has impacted several Bihar medical colleges’ outpatient department (OPD) services. In response to the MBBS interns’ ongoing strike, the state health department of Bihar issued the following statement: “According to information obtained from various media reports and heads of medical colleges, it has been learned that the interns have been protesting without prior notice, which has impacted the hospital services in the state.”
The following directives have been sent to medical colleges by the health department, which acknowledges that the OPD services have been impacted.

  • Verify all departments’ interns’ physical presence.
  • The “No Work, No Pay” concept deducts the interns’ stipend. Increase the internship duration in response to a work boycott.
  • Action must be taken against interns who are interfering with emergency services and OPD.
  • Call a college disciplinary committee meeting and decide how to proceed with this.
  • Every day around 4 PM, provide information about the OPD and emergency services.

#raise_bihar_mbbs_intern_stipend trends

In the meantime, students have started tagging Tejaswi Yadav, the state’s health minister and deputy chief minister of Bihar, with their demands. On Twitter, the hashtag #raise Bihar mbbs intern stipend is trending. “The current stipend (Rs 500/day) is even less than that of a daily wage worker,” a medical student protested about the paltry remuneration of Rs 15,000 per month or Rs 500 per day. We request an increase.

We served in covid, a different MBBS intern wrote. Our meeting ran over. At the very least, our request should be granted.

“Kaam hamara jyada h, stipend fir bhi aadha hai. We MBBS intern doctors want immediate raise in our stipend,” another student wrote on Twitter.

“No No, we are not labour. We are not begging from you, we are just demanding that what we actually need. We demand a raise in our stipend.”

Another intern shared a video and said, “Only way left for intern doctors to survive.”

Mayank Tewari


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