The AFCAT 2023 exam will take place on February 24; The following are some subject-specific recommendations.

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The IAF has released the AFCAT 2023 admission ticket on February 10. Aspirants appearing for the exams should be familiar with the AFCAT examination format. The Indian Air Force (IAF) carries out the AFCAT 2023 examination twice a year to select Class-1 Gazetted Officers for both Technical and Non-Technical Branches in Flying and Ground Duties.

In two weeks, the Indian Air Force will be administering the AFCAT 2023 exam. This exam will assess candidates on four areas of knowledge: English, Mathematics, General Science and Reasoning, and Military Aptitude. According to Sandeep Kumar, a Unacademy Educator with six years of teaching experience, the expected cut-off to pass the test is between 150 and 160, with a score of 180+ necessary for making the merit list. He has provided some key pointers for candidates to study during the final stretch of preparation.


  • To ace the AFCAT exam, candidates should practice one comprehension and one Close test daily as they are a critical part of the exam.
  • To get a complete understanding of the English section of the exam, candidates should read all the SSC exam questions on idioms and phrases from previous years as they are often repeated in the AFCAT exam.
  • Error-spotting questions are also high-scoring; therefore, candidates should practice them well. Concentrate on studying these sections during revision to improve your score, however, do not ignore the other topics.

General Knowledge

  • During preparation, it is very easy to get distracted by multiple resources, however, candidates should choose wisely and stick to only one GK book.
  • One of the recommended books candidates can refer to for this section is General Knowledge 2023 by Manohar Pandey, the expert said.
  • GK can also be a vast section to cover which is why while preparing, candidates should make notes for the current affairs of the last six months and revise only from those notes. Sports-related questions are generally important, so that should be one of the key focus topics for candidates and they should aim for the highest score on this topic.


  • To keep the formulas in mind, write them on your study board so that whenever you cross this place, you can take a glance at the formulas.
  • Practice the previous year’s questions every day to ensure speed and get clarity on basic formulas.

Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test

  • Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test is one of the trickiest sections of the AFCAT exam. However, the key to cracking this is to be thorough with the previous year’s questions as they often tend to repeat.
  • Like Maths, Reasoning also needs practice.
  • To get a good score, focus on verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
  • The verbal reasoning section includes, Coding-Decoding, Analogy, Logical Venn Diagrams, Classification, and Puzzle Test. and the non-verbal section includes Hidden Figures, Series, Analogy, Completion of Incomplete Patterns, Dot Situations, Classification.

The teacher recommends taking practice exams regularly to track improvement and assist candidates in assessing their results and understanding what they are proficient and less proficient in.

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