The 20-year-old student, Nishank Rathore, was studying at a private engineering college in Bhopal.

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The authorities are perplexed by the killing of a 20-year-old engineering student who was killed on a railway track in Madhya Pradesh’s Raisen district due to a Whatsapp message he made moments before his death discussing the “beheading punishment for offending Nabi” (prophet Mohammad). On Tuesday, two days after Nishank Rathore passed away, state Home Minister Narottam Mishra gave the Raisen police instructions to form a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to look into the circumstances surrounding the death, including the message that the deceased’s mobile phone sent to his father, Umashankar Rathore.

It appears to be a suicide case in the first place. Mobile phones are being looked at, and viscera have been kept. Everything will be investigated by the SIT, Mishra said to reporters in Bhopal. When asked if Nishank’s alleged involvement in some financial transactions, including cryptocurrencies, led to his extreme action, the home minister responded that the SIT would also look into this possibility. The student was struck by a train and had his body severed below the waist, according to the postmortem report. He had no visible signs of injuries, according to Mishra.

Meanwhile, ruling out any link between the utterances of former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma and Sunday’s incident, a police officer on Tuesday said the circumstances point to “suicide” but a probe is on regarding the message, which was sent from the mobile phone of the deceased to his father.

Nishank Rathore, who passed away, was a student at a private engineering school in Bhopal. The officer claimed that on Sunday a railway pointsman in the Raisen area changed a police post at Barkheda railway station to indicate that a body was lying close to the railway track. When the police arrived, they moved the body to Raisen’s Obeidullaganj Civil Hospital for a postmortem. Along with slippers and a two-wheeler, police discovered a cell phone on the victim. His parents, who live in the Hoshangabad district’s Seoni-Malwa town, arrived at the hospital and helped identify the body.

Whatsapp message sent from Nishank’s phone to his father, however, perplexed the police. “Nishank sent a text message at 5:44 PM reading, “Gustakh-e-Nabi ki Ek saza, sar tan se Juda” (on Sunday). Around 6:05 PM, Nishank was struck by a speeding Grand Trunk Express and killed “Amrit Meena, an additional superintendent of police (ASP), said, to reporters. Around 6.13 PM, he claimed, the loco pilot of another train alerted a railroad worker about the body that was laying on the track.

“We’re looking into who sent this message—whether it was Nishank or someone else. We are having the mobile phone analysed by professionals, and once we have the report, we will be able to comment “said he. Meena continued, “Nishank unquestionably perished after being struck by a train.” “He definitely passed away after being struck by the train. On a two-wheeler, he travelled the 48 kilometres from Bhopal to Barkheda alone, according to CCTV evidence “Added he.

Even a post-mortem report also stated about death due to rail cutting, he said. Responding to a query, he said Nishank had not sent any objectionable message from his mobile (in the past) and nothing related to Nupur Sharma was found. “He had never informed the police or his parents that he was feeling threatened. He was not associated with any organisation or a political party. All circumstances are pointing towards a suicide angle, Meena added.

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