Students struggle with uninformed changes in CUET-UG fourth phase exam dates and centres.

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Students on the second day of the fourth phase of the CUET were a nervous bunch due to ill-informed changes in exam dates, last-minute changes in centres, far-off centres, and a lack of clarification regarding retake choices. One centre in Gaya had a delayed exam start in the first shift, while two centres in Delhi were not listed for the exam today.

Three centres’ worth of impacted candidates will have the option of showing up on August 25. “Two centres in Delhi were not included for the exam on Thursday out of the 13 centres where the exam was cancelled on Wednesday due to unavoidable technical issues. The applicants from these two centres will be permitted to participate on August 25. The first shift of the exam was delayed at one centre in Gaya, Bihar, thus candidates had the choice of showing up on Thursday or August 25 “Jagadesh Kumar, the UGC chairperson, stated.

When their tests were advanced to Thursday and the centres were far from their desired locations, several applicants who had been given permission to reschedule their CUET UG exam to August 30 were astonished to learn of this. Additionally, they asserted that no notification of the change in date was issued to them. “My chosen city was listed as the exam centre city on my notification slip.

But when I received my admit card, it listed a location that was 150 kilometres distant and had an 8.30 am entry deadline. Neha Singhal, a candidate for the CUET, stated, “I have been attempting to contact the National Testing Agency (NTA) but to no avail. Another candidate, Anjali Mishra, said, “My admit card indicated a different centre until Wednesday afternoon, and it is a different one today. I was not informed whether my testing location was changed at the last minute, and I am unsure if a retake option would be available. Nikhil Mishra claimed that his exam was already in progress when he was able to retrieve his admission certificate on Thursday morning. He had not received the admit card until Wednesday night.

“When I checked the internet on Wednesday, the admission card was not there. It was made available this morning (Thursday), and the exam location was 2.5 hours distant “explained he. Himank Aspirant Nassa reported that on August 14 she received notice in the mail that her tests would be taking place on August 18 and August 25. “On August 16, a notice on the website stated that if we wanted the exam centre in the city of our choice, we could either opt to appear for the exam on August 18 or postpone it to August 30. I chose it, and my request was granted. But this morning, the exam had already started, and my admit card said August 18, “explained Nasa.

The candidates who were impacted on Wednesday would have a chance to retake the exam on August 25, according to a statement from the University Grants Commission (UGC). The standard entry point for undergraduate admission to all central universities is the Common University Entrance Test (CUET). 3.6 lakh individuals are eligible to participate in the fourth phase, which is slated to take place from August 17 to August 20. To accommodate their choice of the city as the centre, the exam for an extra 11,000 candidates, who were to appear in the fourth phase from August 17–20, has been postponed to August 30. All phases of the CUET-UG were supposed to end on August 20 according to the original design.

All exam phases will be finished on August 28 according to a later announcement made by the NTA, which is in charge of administering the admission exam. The exam has been divided into six phases and the schedule has been further delayed. Problems with the CUET’s second phase forced the agency to cancel the exam at several centres. The exam was cancelled at several centres, according to UGC chief Jagadesh Kumar, due to indications and complaints of “sabotage.” Rain and landslides caused the second and third parts of the exam to be cancelled at centres in Kerala and Itanagar as well. In the meantime, National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) activists who are linked with the Congress burned the effigy of Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Thursday and called for his resignation.

They organised a demonstration in front of Shastri Bhavan to voice their displeasure with the National Testing Agency’s “lack of facilities for conducting CUET.” While students from all across the nation are busy applying to colleges, those using to central institutions are having difficulty appearing for the recently established entrance examination CUET, which was cancelled due to a lack of infrastructure, according to a statement from NSUI.

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