Scheme allowing students from other universities to study courses in universities approved by DU AC.

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A plan that will enable students from other universities and institutes to enrol in a variety of courses at Delhi University (DU) starting in the following academic year was authorised today by the Academic Council of the university, according to officials. They added that beginning in the following academic year, the Competence Enhancement Scheme (CES) will permit students from a variety of fields to enrol in DU courses. The plan was adopted on Wednesday during the DU Academic Council meeting. According to administrators, the programme will be available for undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the university.

According to DU Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh, the goal of this programme is to boost people’s productivity by giving them access to fresh information. The programme will be introduced early in the next year as a part of the university’s centennial celebrations. According to a statement from the university, “the university will also establish the Competence Enhancement Scheme to satisfy the objectives of the NEP” in addition to implementing the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) starting with the academic year 2022–2023. The programme “gives people from other fields the chance to study in DU to improve their knowledge and understanding in any subject being taught at Delhi University,” according to the announcement.

According to Singh, anyone who meets the required minimum eligibility requirements and any applicable necessary requirements for an existing course is eligible to enrol for it. Admission will, however, be determined by the number of seats available as well as by merit. The maximum number of seats in a course that can be used for this programme is 10% of the total number of students enrolled in that course. The course will have a supernumerary provision of this 10% seats.


Any course registration will be handled based on merit. When registering for classes at DU, a candidate who is already registered as a regular student or a staff member at another University or institution must present a NOC signed by the parent University or institution or, in some cases, by his or her employer. The candidates’ registration for that particular course is only good for that semester.

If a student wants to receive credits from that course and obtain the necessary certificate, they must re-register for the course after failing to pass or finish it the first time. In a semester, a candidate may enrol in a maximum of two courses, or eight credits. The candidates shall receive their training or instruction in the same manner and through the same channels as normal students, and their evaluation procedures will be the same as those used for regular students.

Fees, certificates

The University shall periodically decide the charge that applicants who enrol in these courses must pay in accordance with the operational and functional needs. The candidates enrolled in one or two courses will get a certificate upon successful completion of the course in accordance with the University’s requirements, and the earned credit will be credited to their Academic Bank of Credit accounts.

According to Singh, this programme will allow business owners to grow their operations by obtaining new skills. “The managerial abilities of lower and intermediate level management personnel will also be enhanced by management course study. Through this programme, those who were unable to obtain the necessary certification earlier due to socioeconomic circumstances or any shortage at the time will be able to realise their goals of pursuing higher education “Added he.

According to Singh, senior folks would continue to play a significant part in this programme by improving their credentials, knowledge, and abilities. A maximum of 10% of the class size for that course’s total number of seats will be made available under this plan, according to the statement.

Mayank Tewari


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