NTA is going to conduct session 2 for the JEE Main 2022 exam from July 21 to 30. Learn the difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation strategies here.

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The National Testing Agency will hold two sessions of the JEE Main Test in 2022. JEE Mains 2022: session 1 will take place from June 23 to June 29, while session 2 will take place from July 21 to July 30. On the other hand, the JEE Advanced 2022 exam will be delivered by IIT Bombay on August 28. Candidates taking the JEE Advanced test in 2022 can check here to see how their preparation differs from the JEE Mains exam.

Knowledge of concepts is the main distinction between JEE Main and JEE Advance preparation. The majority of the questions on the JEE Main exam typically rely on formulas. However, questions in the JEE Advanced test are application- and concept-based. As questions from any area with a high weighting may be asked, it is critical to have knowledge of all the ideas to perform well in JEE Advanced 2022.
Calculation speed is another crucial component of preparation when taking the exam. The JEE Main and JEE Advanced syllabuses are identical. Candidates should concentrate on increasing their problem-solving efficiency. The JEE Advanced exam will be harder than the JEE Main exam in 2022.

Because many subjects are repeated in the JEE Mains exam, working through the prior year’s question papers is quite helpful. It is crucial to get an understanding of all the principles and applications because questions on the JEE Advanced exam are rarely repeated. The amount of questions for the JEE Main 2022 exam is already known, but the exam format for the JEE Advanced changes every year. Candidates preparing for the exam should consult the syllabus and exam format for guidance.

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