NEET UG 2022 Toppers: Meet the top 4 AIQ rank holders

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Four applicants passed the National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET 2022) with a combined score of 715 out of 720. Their exact percentile score of 99.9997733 put them at the top of the NEET-UG rankings.

Tanishka, who now has an AIR rank of 1, is one of the top competitors in the NEET exam. Others include Rucha Pawashe, who has an AIR rank 4, Vatsa Ashish Batra, who maintains an AIR rank 2, Hrishikesh Nagbhushan Gangule, who has an AIR rank 3, and Rucha Pawashe. Despite having identical NEET scores in 2022, Tanishka was ranked first thanks to a new NTA tie-breaking rule. The NEET result 2022 was made public an hour before midnight on September 7, 2022. Discover the top 4 All India Top Rank holders for NEET 2022 by reading the whole story.

NEET 2022 Toppers

Tanishka from Rajasthan earned All India Rank 1 among the top four NEET 2022 rank holders. Vatsa Ashish Batra from Delhi and Hrishikesh Nagbhushan Gangule from Karnataka earned the second and third spots, respectively. Rucha Pawashe from Karnataka is the second-place finisher in the state and fourth on the AIR list. Tanishka, who currently has the top AIR rating, not only topped the NEET results for 2022 but also participated in the JEE Mains, where she received a 99.50 percentile. She has achieved success, including becoming the OBC-NCL NEET exam winner in recent years. Tanishka said in her statement that she plans to pursue an MBBS at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi with a focus in oncology, cardiology, or neurology.

Hrishikesh Nagbhushan Gangule of Bengaluru holds the AIR rank 3 in NEET 2022 and is the Karnataka state rank topper. Vatsa Ashish Batra is not only an AIR Rank holder two and one of the NEET toppers of the 2022 results but also stands at the top of the Delhi NCT. Rucha Pawashe, another native of Karnataka, is placed second in the State Rankings and fourth overall in the NEET All India Rankings. She also comes in second place on the female AIR list of the NEET results for 2022.

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