Nagpur school principal kidnapped for Rs 30 lakh ransom

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In Nagpur, Maharashtra, unidentified individuals are believed to have kidnapped a school principal and are demanding a ransom of Rs. 30 lakh, according to police on Saturday. According to a police officer, various teams have been created by the police to find Pradeep Motiramani, the principal of the Mahatma Gandhi Primary School in the Jaripatka neighbourhood, and his captors. On Friday night, Motiramani, 50, rode out of his house on a two-wheeler.

His daughter called him on his cell phone when he didn’t get home till late at night, according to the officer. According to him, a man answered the call and wanted a ransom payment of Rs. 30 lakh in exchange for Motiramani’s release. On Saturday morning early, members of the family of the school principal came to the Jaripatka police station. After receiving the ransom call, the officer claimed that the cell phone was turned off. According to him, a hospital in the Mankapur region had Motiramani’s two-wheeler parked in front of it. His cell phone shows that he is in the Mouda region, around 40 kilometres outside of Nagpur City. Police in Jaripatka have opened a case.

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