MPSC 2023: The Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra has asked the commission to reconsider the implementation of the new curriculum.

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On Tuesday, Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, declared that the state government has asked the Maharashtra Public Service Commission to revisit its resolution to modify the curriculum for its examinations commencing this year. He went on to say that if the commission, which administers competitive exams for civil service posts, refused to alter their ruling, the government could take legal action.

MPSC students are demonstrating against the commission’s choice to implement a new course of study starting in 2023. They are requesting that the change be postponed until 2025, citing that learners are not yet ready to confront the new syllabus. Fadnavis declared, “MPSC is an independent entity, and the state government can not give an order to it.”

The commission reacted to the state government’s letter, and afterwards a discussion, its members decided to implement the syllabus this year, he added. Fadnavis previously supported the MPSC’s decision, expressing that sooner or later the new syllabus should be put into place, and there was no need to postpone it.

On Tuesday, Eknath Shinde, the Chief Minister, communicated to the MPSC that the students’ dissatisfaction with the decision could not be overlooked. He mentioned that everyone was in favor of the new syllabus, but that it should not be implemented until 2025. The CM sent another letter asking the MPSC to reconsider their resolution, and Fadnavis is certain they will, but if they don’t, the state government might have to resort to taking legal action. The MPSC has chosen to substitute the current objective paper pattern with the descriptive one this year, something which students are against. “We can not let the students down as they are our future,” Fadnavis declared.

Mayank Tewari


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