Learn how to compute your score for GATE 2023

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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur is set to publish the GATE 2023 answer key on February 21. Candidates can access the GATE answer key paper-wise through the login portal of gate.iitk.ac.in with their credentials. Examinees can use the GATE 2023 answer key to assess their scores on the entrance exam.

GATE 2023 results will be reported on March 16th, 2023. Those who pass the exam can download their GATE scorecards between March 21st and May 31st, 2023. Those who miss this time frame can still get hold of their GATE 2023 scorecard by paying Rs 500 per paper. This score is applicable for three years from the day of results announcement.

To calculate the GATE Score, the raw marks of candidates will be taken into account after the responses have been assessed. If the papers consist of more than one session, the raw marks of the candidates in each session will be converted into normalized marks.

GATE 2023: How to calculate normalized marks

The GATE 2023 brochure stated that raw marks (for single session papers) or normalized marks (for multi-session papers) will be taken into account when determining the GATE score, based on the minimum qualifying marks. This process is based on the premise that all candidates have the same capacity across all GATE papers with multiple sessions.

GATE 2023: How to calculate GATE score

The GATE 2023 Score will be determined by the real marks earned by the applicants for all the papers that have a single session. For papers that have multiple sessions, the GATE 2023 Score will be based on the normalized marks achieved.

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