Kerala NEET Exam Issue: Police have registered a case against the friskers allegedly involved in the incident on the basis of the complaint filed by the girl.

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  • 2 years ago

Tuesday’s demonstrations against a private school where female students taking the NEET exam were made to remove their underwear became violent and raised tension in the Ayur neighbourhood of this area.

News channels broadcast images of allegedly belligerent students using sticks to break the institute’s windows, forcing the authorities to use force to remove them. Following suspected vandalism, student activists allegedly broke through the police barrier to infiltrating the college grounds. The police intervention resulted in injuries for some student activists. According to the police, more employees have been dispatched to stabilise the situation.

The problem was brought to light on Monday when a 17-year-old girl’s father told the media that his daughter, who was taking her first-ever NEET exam, was still recovering from the terrible experience of having to take the more than 3-hour-long exam while lacking a brassiere. The father had told the media that his daughter was dressed in accordance with the NEET bulletin’s dress code, which included no mention of innerwear. On the basis of the girl’s accusation, the Kerala police have opened an investigation against the friskers who were allegedly involved in the event.

Mayank Tewari


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