JP Nadda faces a stir by students demanding central status and a rollback of NEP: Patna College

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  • 2 years ago

When BJP president JP Nadda made a quick detour at Patna College, his alma mater, on Saturday, he was met with protests from irate student activists. The activists, most of whom belonged to the leftist AISA, chanted “JP Nadda go back” while holding signs criticising the National Education Policy (NEP) and requesting that Patna University be granted central status.

Nadda, a Himachal Pradesh native who spent his formative years in Patna, was there to open a two-day gathering of the party’s seven wings (morchas), which will conclude on Sunday with a speech from Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Nadda safely left the college grounds as the on-site police officers shoved the rowdy activists out of the way. According to authorities, no arrests have been made in relation to the event to date.

Mayank Tewari


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