Jalore private school to get affiliation cancelled: Rajasthan Dalit Killing

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The education minister for Rajasthan, B D Kalla, stated on Tuesday that the government was in the process of removing the private school’s affiliation after a young Dalit child was assaulted there and later died from his wounds. The school’s association is being dissolved, the minister told reporters in Bikaner. A warning will be released at the same time to prevent a repeat of this incident. On July 20, Indra Kumar, age nine, was allegedly assaulted by his instructor when he touched a drinking water pot at Saraswati Vidya Mandir that was purportedly intended for the teacher. On Saturday, the boy passed away while receiving care at a hospital in Ahmedabad. Chail Singh, the alleged teacher, has already been taken into custody.

Sachin Pilot, the head of the Congress, called for “zero tolerance” to incidences like the tragic death of a Dalit youngster and demanded that local officials be held accountable for an alleged lathi charge against the victim’s family. “We’ll need to give Dalits the assurance that we support them. There is nothing else to do. After visiting the victim’s family, he remarked that the government should make changes to the system’s flaws.

Mayank Tewari


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