In order to motivate kids, the Army is hosting a Snow Art Contest in Ramban.

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The military has taken a step to motivate kids and celebrate the upcoming Republic Day by offering children and adolescents the chance to show off their hidden aptitude through organizing a Snow Art Competition in Neel Valley, Ramsoo Block of Ramban District. Lt Col Devender Anand of PRO Defence Jammu stated that a multitude of youngsters from the settlements of Neel Valley took part in the competition.

Col Anand remarked that the participants astounded the audience with their creative artistry and latent talent. PRO Defence Jammu reported that emotions were depicted through snow carvings and further beautified by incorporating color into the sculptures. Furthermore, the children’s enthusiasm, inventiveness, and patriotism intensified the event’s allure.

Col Anand commented that everyone was presented with painting sets to fuel their learning and to take up art as a pastime. This move was greatly appreciated by the public, and the enthusiasm, ingenuity, and patriotism of the children heightened the event’s allure, Col Anand said.

Mayank Tewari


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