IIT Roorkee 'E-Summit'23' from February 17 to 19

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The Entrepreneurship Summit ‘E-Summit’23’ of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee is taking place from February 17 to 19, 2023. The theme for this summit is “Reminiscing the Ethos ‘Bharat’”, which aims to highlight the valuable culture of the old-age Golden Bharat, renowned for its abundance and creativity, in order to pass on the essential principles to the generations to come.

This year’s E-Summit marked the 175th anniversary of IIT Roorkee, with esteemed alumni, prominent speakers, and startups from around the world coming together to share their expertise and values with current cohorts. The summit provided an opportunity for entrepreneurs, speakers, investors, and students to come together and experience the best of what the summit had to offer, both online and offline.

The yearly Entrepreneurship Summit featured main events such as Ideastorm, an event for students to turn their beginner business concepts into professional business plans; Productathon, a two-day intensive product development gathering for creating technology-driven products; and Case Challenge, where the brightest minds in the country competed to solve interesting cases from successful startups and businesses.

The event featured an investors’ vista displaying current issues; a trading heist, a unique opportunity with trading knowledge; and a startup expo, an assembly of high-profile investors and the most promising startups, allowing for networking, fundraising, and more.

The E-Summit 23 saw more than 10,000 attendees and close to 2,400 participants from various educational institutions in India. The number of colleges which were represented by the campus ambassadors was over 600. Notable speakers who participated in the event included Mr Mandar Joshi, Executive Chairman, Mstrategy Global; Mr Nitin Jain, CEO of Business; representatives from Startup Uttarakhand and numerous other successful entrepreneurs. Government officials from the central ministry and some national leaders were also present.

At the E-Summit, Professor K K Pant, Director of IIT Roorkee, expressed that the Annual Entrepreneurship Summit 23 provides an opening to honor the spirit of entrepreneurship and to cultivate the entrepreneurs and problem-solving pioneers of the present and future. We are dedicated to achieving our vision of encouraging and motivating more and more young creators to venture into entrepreneurship.

Akshay Dvivedi, Dean of Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy at IIT Roorkee, stated that we must strive to achieve success in competitions that will ignite a passion for entrepreneurship, and the E-Summit ’23 is an ideal platform to do so with its stimulating debates, informative seminars, and other opportunities for networking.

Mayank Tewari


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