IIT Madras launches the 'Nilekani Centre at AI4Bharat' to advance Indian language technology.

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Today, July 28, 2022, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras opened the “Nilekani Centre at AI4Bharat” on the IIT Madras campus with the goal of advancing Indian language technology for societal benefit. Nilekani Philanthropies, owned by Rohini and Nandan Nilekani, has donated Rs. 36 crores to help launch this centre.

In order to create open-source language AI for Indian languages, IIT Madras AI4Bharatwas founded. The centre for Indian language technology has produced a lot of contributions, which include cutting-edge speech recognition and machine translation models. Additionally, it made a number of materials open-source, which are accessible to everyone via the AI4Bharat website at IIT Madras (ai4bharat.iitm.ac.in).

Nandan Nilekani created the Nilekani Center at IIT Madras. The inaugural event included a workshop where the resources for developing Indian language technologies were discussed. With “collaborative AI” at its foundation, the Digital India Bhashini project was established with the aim of providing all services and information to residents in their native tongue. “AI4Bharat is totally in line with the objectives of the Bhashini mission and will further contribute to and accelerate the Indic language AI effort as a public good,” said Nandan Nilekani.

I am pleased that IIT Madras is playing a leadership role in Indian language AI, which is of national importance, said V Kamakoti, director of IIT Madras, in a statement congratulating the team behind the Nilekani Centre at AI4Bharat. I am interested in seeing how cutting-edge research from AI4Bharat is applied in the real world.

Mayank Tewari


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