IIT Madras has partnered with Ansys to include NPTEL courses in order to develop skills in cutting-edge technologies.

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IIT Madras is collaborating with Ansys to provide new educational courses in cutting-edge fields and create industry-related abilities for participants of the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL). The program will be executed via NPTEL, a combined effort of the IITs and IISc in Bengaluru, to concentrate on latest technologies such as electrification, 5G, autonomous vehicles, drones, and healthcare.

Ansys’ CSR funding will enable a certification fee waiver to hundreds of students from underprivileged backgrounds and particularly women candidates. This can increase the employability of students undertaking these certifications. With the fee waiver support given by Ansys, the cost of certification for qualified students will be reduced by 50 per cent.

Professor Ramkrishna Pasumarthy, NPTEL Coordinator of IIT Madras, expressed his gratitude to Ansys for their involvement and stated, “NPTEL is the largest online source for courses in engineering, basic sciences, some humanities and management topics. The certification exams are highly sought-after due to the fact that they can help increase employability. This collaboration with Ansys will give our learners more access to the latest technology areas.”

Rafiq Somani, Area Vice President of India and South Asia Pacific for Ansys, has noted that emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, 5G, cloud computing, and the Industrial Internet of Things are integral to modernizing and advancing industries. The collaboration between NPTEL and Ansys in the form of a Tech Talk series will help students gain an understanding of these technologies. Furthermore, the tailored courses, fee waivers, and specialized workshops will provide students with simulation knowledge and help them be more prepared for the Skill India Mission.

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