IIT Madras has established a minor program in 'Personal and Professional Development'.

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The Senate at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has recently approved a proposal to introduce a minor stream in ‘Personal and Professional Development’. This new stream of courses is meant to help students further their personal and professional growth.

The minor stream is accessible to all BTech and dual degree program students, while the courses provided in this program are selectable classes for everyone at IITM, regardless of their program. This minor stream consists of more than 15 courses such as self-awareness; contentment habits and success; FLOW for high performance, systems thinking and locating creativity.

IIT Madras declared in a statement that the Institute currently provides multiple courses for individual and professional improvement and management instruction. Each year, around 1,500 students sign up for these courses. The new minor program is expected to significantly propel the Institute’s attempts to modify student culture, aptitude, and command and accomplish comprehensive progress.

Prof. V Kamakoti, Director of IIT Madras, expressed the importance of such courses and stated that they can assist in self-realization and the expansion of potential. Furthermore, these programs have the potential to benefit the way of thinking in younger minds, as well as helping to build interpersonal and transferable skills for students to meet their career aspirations.

The key features of the upcoming ‘Personal and Professional Development’ minor stream include:

  • happiness centred’ approach to living
  • internalizing creativity habits
  • play as an integral part of a leader
  • self-mastery, self-esteem and self-discovery
  • cultivating wisdom through systems thinking approaches
  • forging enriching relationships
  • sustainable living and prospering
  • role of an engineer in the society
  • cultivating innovative and entrepreneurship mindset, among other areas

Mayank Tewari


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